Ben Carson isn’t sure if the Constitution has authority over the bible.

This man is running for President.  There are people who will vote for him in the primary and who would vote for him in the general election.  It’s not Ben Carson so much who’s the problem, it’s the fact that there is enough support for him from American citizens (the type who claim to love the Constitution more than all those other commies) to get him on TV and to make him a candidate for leader of the free world.

Meanwhile scientists looking for the cure for cancer struggle to get funding…

No, it actually is a very simple question with a very simple answer: no, the bible doesn’t have authority over the Constitution in terms of lawmaking in the United States.  Hell no.  Fuck no.  The Constitution and an entire history of jurisprudence makes that perfectly clear.  Do you know why the Oklahoma Supreme Court (full of Christian conservatives) voted 7-2 that the state capitol couldn’t have a ten commandments monument to the exclusion of all others?  Because the Constitution overrides the bible.

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