Living Waters Publications rescinds DMCA on Bible Reloaded’s podcast rebutting anti-gay film “Audacity.”

Living Waters Publications rescinds DMCA on Bible Reloaded’s podcast rebutting anti-gay film “Audacity.” August 27, 2015

Yesterday I posted about how Ray Comfort’s publishing company had filed a DMCA take down request with youtube against a podcast by the Bible Reloaded.  The episode in question refuted Comfort’s recent anti-gay film using none of the video or audio from the movie (they even said this in the episode and said it was to circumvent any DMCA shenanigans).  It still wasn’t enough as they found out yesterday.

So I wrote the post and pinged Ray Comfort on twitter.  I’m told Hemant Mehta over at Friendly Atheist, who has Comfort’s contact information, also contacted him about rescinding the DMCA request.  All in all the controversial episode was back up within a few hours.  Here it is in all its glory if you wish to see it:

So what happened?  I’m told that Ray Comfort told Hemant that he was unaware this had happened, which is unfortunate considering Living Waters Publications is his publishing company.  This certainly points to some shifty sentiments within the company.

But Comfort is to be praised.  While I think his movie sucks (the only “award” it could win is one they had to buy) and is bursting with bad argument, he did the right thing and unmake the efforts of the person in his employ to silence his ideological enemies.  Yesterday in my post I pointed out how Ray Comfort appeared to be an enormous hypocrite:

And plus, isn’t Comfort always talking about how his side has the Truth (hell, they probably have the copyright on it listening to him) and should always be willing to defend it against interlocutors?  That’s what he was attempting to do here, right?

(Ironically, that clip actually uses an excerpt from one of Ray Comfort’s videos, which is totally legal – you can use small portions of things for the purposes of critique.  And yet, no DMCA has been filed against that one)

But maybe when Ray talks about the need for Christians to defend their beliefs he was being metaphorical.  You know how the bible says to kill people for working on Saturday, but it apparently means to not do that?  Maybe when Ray Comfort says Christians should rebut criticism and defend the bible he means you should suppress criticism by whatever underhanded and dishonest means are available.

So while I still think there’s plenty to criticize Ray for, it seems he means what he says when it comes to making arguments rather than silencing critics.  I’ll happily retract my criticism on that front since Ray did the right thing in this case.  I just hope he takes care of whatever problems exist within his own company that seem to be undermining those ideals.

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