URGENT: Help Recovering From Religion provide asylum for outed Saudi atheist.

Recovering From Religion just put up this bulletin:

We are helping a dual US/SA citizen in Saudi Arabia who has been outed as a nonbeliever to their father. Their safety is at risk. With your help, we can bring them to the United States almost immediately. We have verified their identity and are working alongside Faisal Al-Mutar of Global Secular Humanist Movement and other Arabic activists to assist in this effort as quickly as possible by providing a flight and temporary/short-term emergency lodging.

That’s all I know at the moment.  If you want to donate, go here.

If you want to perhaps get something in return (aside from doing what you’d hope other people would do if you were in their place), Joey Lee Kirkman, the author of Bedtime Bible Stories, is putting up his copy of the book signed by Lucien Greaves for auction.  Everything from its sale will go toward RR and getting this person safely to the United States so they can watch Reza Aslan on cable news talk about how the barbarity in the Middle East has nothing to do with Islam.

I’ve already sent $450+ from the tablet fund you guy pitched in for yesterday (had already sent $550 to my bank account and it’s in transit).

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