Alaska man refusing to pay child support asks judge if she’s going to deport him to heaven.

An Alaska citizen asked a judge if she’s going to deport him to heaven:

Kevin Francis Ramey, who goes by the name “Birdman” in a series of YouTube videos and other online postings, was indicted on criminal nonsupport charges, reported KDLG-AM.

The 57-year-old Ramey, who claims he is not required to follow U.S. or state laws as a so-called sovereign citizen, was arrested after he failed to show up last week for his arraignment on felony charges.

Criminal nonsupport charges are ungraded to a felony if the amount of unpaid child support exceeds $20,000 or if payments have not been made for at least two years.

Investigators said Ramey intentionally withheld more than $84,000 in child support payments.

Ramey was arrested in his hometown of Togiak, where he formerly served on City Council, and flown to Dillingham for a court appearance.

The presiding judge asked Ramey if he understood his rights, and the radio station reported that courtroom observers laughed at his convoluted response.

“It says if you’re not a U.S. citizen you could be deported,” Ramey said. “I know I have three citizenships: No. 1, in heaven, No. 2, in America, No. 3, in California — and that my primary citizenship, is of course, in heaven. So I was kind of wondering, are you guys going to deport me to heaven?”

Judge Patricia Douglas, of Dillingham Superior Court, did not undertake any deportation proceedings and instead set bond at $1,000.

You know, if a judge tells you to pay child support and you don’t then you get held in contempt.  I wonder if anybody would even consider using the line of reasoning here “Why are you holding him in contempt?  He’s committed no crime!” the way they do for Kim Davis when she ignores a court order.  I actually don’t wonder that.  Of course they wouldn’t.

It’s amazing how context changes things, at least in the minds of people with fluid moral standards that seem to evaporate when it would be inconvenient to apply those standards to themselves.

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