I’m going to destroy Matt Dillahunty at Apostacon.

I wrote yesterday about how pumped I am for Apostacon 2015 where I will be squaring off in a debate with Matt Dillahunty over whether or not country music sucks.

It does.  And Matt is going to be crushed.  In this WWE-style vide the gauntlet has been thrown down so hard it’s created a deep-ass crater into which I will kick Matt Dillahunty on Sunday:

Two men walk in, only JT walks out.

Thanks to Anthony Harden for doing the video editing.  🙂

And if you’re anywhere near Dallas this Friday, even if you can’t make it to the big match between me and Matt, make it a point to see Penn & Teller.  Tickets are super cheap and it’s a show you definitely want to see in your lifetime.  I do a write up on that event here.

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