It looks like TLC will be picking up the Duggar’s show “19 Kids And Counting” for another season.

The Christian Post is pretty pumped.  It’s looking like The Learning Channel is going to help people “learn” to shit out more kids than you can afford and teach them to work feverishly to make second class citizens of your fellow Americans:

“19 Kids and Counting” was one reality series that garnered a solid fanbase until the show had to be cancelled because of the scandal faced by one of the members of the Duggar clan. However, reports now state that TLC may be giving the show another chance.

The Duggar-based reality series just wrapped up its three-part miniseries starring the Duggar sisters, Jill and Jessa. After having a positive reception, the network reportedly picked up the original show for another run. According to The Hollywood Gossip, cameras were spotted filming the Duggar family and film locations included a thrift store and a lumberyard.

Because in the fundamentalist Christian world a show about family values includes parents who taught their own daughters to blame themselves when they were molested by their brother.  Amen.

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