MORNING HAPPINESS: I’m still married.

So, two years ago I got hitched to this fine lady:









Love is a feeling, sure, but it’s also a process.  The excitement and tingling you feel in a new relationship changes over time.  In time it becomes more comfortable, more calmly fulfilling.  You’re not screaming from the mountain tops that you’re in love, you’re just smiling every time they walk into the room.

That’s the glory of being poly: you can have the new relationship energy and the fulfillment of a long-term relationship.

Now, I know it’s only been two years of marriage (six of actual relationship), but how I feel when I cuddle up to her, or when she kisses me on the cheek…that all seriously makes me feel as giddy as ever.  It still makes my day.

She’s still beautiful, and I still respect her and look up to her.  She’s brilliant, kind, and beautiful.  You’re lucky in life just to meet somebody like her.  How many cosmic lotteries must a person win to have somebody like her fall in love with you?

My life has had some real high points.  I remember standing on the balcony at Skepticon 4, looking over a rushing crowd and thinking about all we had accomplished.  I remember getting hired at the SSA.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel like that whenever Michaelyn kisses me.  I’m simply amazed at my fortune.

Atheism used to be my life, but now it’s settling down, getting her through med school, and making sure to enjoy every minute of this life that I get with her.  I don’t regret a bit of it.  There’s a lot to be said for trying to make a better world, but as I get older it occurs to me that with only one life to live there’s also a great deal to be said for letting your own world be better, and enjoying it once you’ve made it.  But I haven’t had to do much to make my life great, I just married her and it was.  How do you repay somebody who’s brought that much joy to your life, and who stands to keep bringing it for longer than I’ve already been alive?

Well, we start with cubed potatoes breaded and baked along with slow cooker chicken legs.  It’s not gourmet, and I’m a shit cook, but it’s a start.  I don’t think I can ever even adequately express to Michaelyn what she’s given me, but I’ll keep trying little by little.  Maybe tomorrow it will be by not stealing her phone charger when I go to voice lessons.

But probably not.  And she deserves it: this woman trolls me like nobody else, but only because she loves me.  😛

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