Pastor Flip Benham absolutely loses his shit: promises bloodshed in the streets over LGBT rights bill.

So, this happened in Charlotte today:

It’s worth noting that the Charlotte City Council is out of the equation now since the state government overturned their ordinance (and is going to lose a lawsuit over it).

It’s pretty much the standard trope of threatening bad things unless somebody (in this case, the government) kowtows to their religion.  If a Muslim does it, it’s a terrorist threat to people like Benham.  But when he does it?  Hell, he’s just a good ol’ Christian.

And then the waiting game for something bad, anything really, to happen — as it will over enough time.  Then, because the threat was so vague, the Flip Benhams of the world get to hop up and down and claim they told us so.

I especially love the part where he promises that peace will return to Charlotte if only the councilwoman will repent in the name of Jesus, as if he could promise that, and as if we should say, “Oh, god could bring peace but won’t until I, specifically, do what you say even though it flies in the face of any semblance of justice?  Sounds legit, and I’m just shallow enough to do it!”  That god — he could bring peace, but won’t do it until a City Council member kisses his ass.  What a pal.  That’s not a god that loves and cares about humankind, it’s a god that loves himself.

Oh, and then there’s the part where the councilwoman stops ignoring him long enough to tell the people booing Benham to let him finish and Benham gets pissed at her for supposedly interrupting him.

I’m glad the council ignored him.  Even that is more than this self-important, over-emotional dipshit deserves.

Here’s how I’d like to imagine the politicians present reacted:

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