Preacher and Trump adviser: if we don’t elect Trump god will judge America.

Uh oh! Once again we’re threatened with god’s wrath if we don’t subdue our common sense to make a foolish decision:

Last month, pastor Ramiro Peña spoke with televangelist Jim Bakker about his role as an adviser to Donald Trump, warning that if Trump isn’t elected president in November, God will judge America for failing to support a candidate who would try to do away with abortion rights.

“When a nation continues to go that direction, it will come under God’s judgment,” he said. “We need to ask God to have mercy on our nation and if we’re waiting for a perfect candidate to come along, don’t hold your breath, we will never have a perfect candidate. People, especially of my culture, say to me, ‘How can you support Mr. Trump when he has said these things?’ Look, I know what the other side looks like and it is so bad. Mr. Trump has said specifically, ‘I will appoint pro-life justices to the United States Supreme Court.’”

Peña added that while Hillary Clinton would hand the Supreme Court over to a “pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage philosophy,” Trump would help the country “get back to the biblical values that founded our nation, a nation that was founded for God.”


Y’know, honestly, we’ve been hearing this song and dance for literally hundreds of years: do what my religion says, or else my friend will ruin your country. If the friend is a terrorist with a gun in his hands, then we freak out. If the friend is a god with supposedly way more power and who supposedly has already committed genocide once, then the person singing this song is a good, Christian, patriotic American.

Double standards: as American as apple pie.

And yet, for all these threats, each generation has bucked the bible more and more, and yet America is still doing ok. Imagine that.

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