Arkansas atheist group seeks to erect literal wall of separation on capitol grounds.

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is pushing for a ten commandments monument on the AR capitol grounds. This, he says, is about history, and not religion. Ironically, the ten commandments itself says lying is a no-no, but that doesn’t stop Rapert.

The Satanic Temple is already applying to put a Baphomet statue up next to it (or in front of it). When that request is denied, Rapert will lose a lawsuit. The state will pay the cost, and it will serve essentially as the state paying to advertise Rapert to his voter base. It sucks all around, and the situation was created because Jason Rapert is, to put it generously, a slimy, sleazy, lying, reprehensible, and all-round testament to how low Jesus’ standards for love must truly be.

That being said, the Saline Atheist and Skeptic Society is now getting into the act. They want to erect a literal wall of separation of church and state on the capitol grounds:

The Saline Atheist and Skeptic Society has submitted an application to the Secretary of State’s office for the Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission to be reviewed ahead of their September 13 meeting.

This meeting should now include submissions for a Ten Commandments monument, a Satanic Temple Baphomet statue, and now the secular community’s Wall of Separation monument.

They’ve even figured out a way to save on construction costs:

The wall, which will be eight feet in height, will be financed through a brick-by-brick campaign that will “encourage citizens, both religious and non-religious, that value the wall of separation concept to join in.”

Brilliant. :)

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