Owner of Dallas Mavericks offers Trump/charity $10 million for an interview on Trump’s policies.

One of the most interesting people I follow on Twitter is wealthy businessman, Mark Cuban. Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA and a very sharp dude. Not only that, he’s a skeptic, as he showed in a youtube video when the NBA signed a deal with “Power Bracelets”:

He’s also a big philanthropist. One of my favorite things he ever did was, as a guest at the League of Legends All-Star break, purposefully got fined because the money was going to a good cause:

I also like him because, clearly, he’s my brand of smart ass. Anyway, Cuban often tweets about politics (he’s no fan of Donald Trump’s). Today Trump elected to fire back at Cuban:

Cuban was having none of it, and offered Trump a deal:

Cuban wasn’t finished, and continued on later:

So, all Donald Trump has to do in order to make $10,000,000 is defend the policies he claims to be so proud of. I mean, take someone like me — if you ask me to debate god’s existence for free, hell, I’m there. I’m that confident in my arguments and I think there’s a great impact to be made, so much so that the money is a secondary concern.

Ask me to defend myself on my chosen front for $10 mil? Fuck, I don’t care who else is in the room or how long you want to grill me. You can even leave the AC off.

What’s more, imagine anybody making the same offer to Hillary Clinton. She couldn’t say yes fast enough.

But Donald Trump? He won’t do it. He won’t put a detractor in his place and, at the same time, score millions of dollars for himself or for charity. He won’t do it because he has everything to lose going into a situation where he can’t defend himself and is guaranteed to look like a buffoon. Because despite all of Trump’s bluster, when he’s actually accountable for his answers to an interviewer who won’t let him off easy, suddenly he’s waaaaaaaaay less proud of his policies (which he doesn’t actually have).

Bluster is easy. Stepping up is hard. Remember that the next time Trump or his supporters invoke the words “leadership” and/or “strength.” I’ve seen plenty of cowards bluster.

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