My students will be singing their semester recital this Saturday. If you’re near Kansas, you should come!

This Saturday at 1pm at the High School in Burlington, Kansas my students will be performing their end-of-semester recital. There are a LOT of strong numbers.

One of the students that will be performing, we’ll call her Betty, began the semester as one of my weaker students. This is me working with her last night on her number for next semester:

I never dreamed I would’ve enjoyed teaching as much as I have. It’s a really fulfilling job. 🙂

If you’re nearby, you really should come to the concert. It’s free to get in.

After that will be a Master Class that is open to the public. The visiting teacher will be Marvin Murphree (baritone), voice faculty at Missouri State University. He’ll be working with seven of my students, but it will be incredibly educational for all in attendance.

Here are some clips of Mr. Murphree:

Hopefully I’ll see some of you out there. 🙂

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