This weekend is the Extra Life fundraiser! Here’s the WWJTD hub for the event.

November 6th is the day of the annual Extra Life fundraiser. The gist is that people all around the world game in our own particular way (video games, board games, you name it!) and ask people for donations to fight childhood diseases.

An example of using incentives for donations: last year my wife swapped costumes for every donation as she streamed League of Legends. Over the years gamers have raised over $22 million to fight things like cystic fibrosis.

Once again, Atheist Gamers has a team! Last year we came in at around $2,500, and I’ll bet this year we can do even better. I’m starting today and will stream through tomorrow (I do plan to sleep). I’d love it if you guys swung by my stream to keep me company. I’ll  update this post as other team members go live, so keep checking the post all weekend.  🙂


BionicWoman is live! As I post this she is streaming Overwatch.

Go keep her company and toss in a donation on the Atheist Gamers Extra Life page in her honor!

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