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Civil rights activist Anne Orsi is one of the spokespeople for the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers and is the primary organizer of Reason in the Rock, a conference on science, secularism and skepticism. Got a question? Email her at anne@aramink.com. She's a lawyer but may not be licensed in your state. Sending her an email or reading her blog posts does not create an attorney-client relationship. Find Anne on Twitter as @aramink, and read her regular blog at www.aramink.com.

Religion of Peace

Ten French humor writers and cartoonists and other magazine staffers were murdered in their offices, along with two police officers, by a trio of adherents to Islam, the “religion of peace,” Their crime? They had dared to make and publish a cartoon of Mohammed. According to the BBC, at least seven others were wounded. Killing the [Read More...]

Help the Duggars Raise Money for LGBT Kids

A funny thing happens when someone broadcasts hate. Sometimes - just sometimes - love proves itself to be stronger. I’m sure Jim and Michelle Duggar never intended to give money to any young LGBT people, especially not LGBT youth made homeless when they came out to their parents. The Duggars (of TLC’s “19 and Counting” reality show [Read More...]

Activism About the Hobby Lobby Decision

FFRF, as usual, is on the ball. They’ve put out a call to action for us to contact Congress about the Hobby Lobby decision. I lifted liberally from their sample letter. Here’s mine:   Dear Senator/Representative: I am writing as your constituent to urge you to take action in the wake of the Supreme Court’s [Read More...]

Good News Club Gets Bad News

Check out this article on AlterNet! It seems that certain people in Portland, Oregon are aware that the teachings of the Good News Club, that insidious evangelical organization that uses children to proselytize in public schools, isn’t all sweetness and light. [a] coalition called Protect Portland Children is stepping up outreach to local media, parents, [Read More...]

Arkansas Gets Gay-Friendly

Anne here… Arkansas is now added to the list of states that permits same sex marriage. Judge Chris Piazza’s decision did not come with an automatic stay, and the Pulaski County Clerk (the county where Little Rock is located) says that starting Monday morning, his office will be able to issue gender-neutral marriage licenses. The decision strikes [Read More...]

Creationism is Better than Evolution

At least, that’s what at least one 7th grade social studies teacher at the Lakewood Middle School in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has spent three days teaching her class. Want proof? Examine the Power Point that went along with her lecture. It’s full of misrepresentations and bad science. This same school last year was the [Read More...]

Why Virginia Will Get Same-Sex Marriage Soon

It was all over the news yesterday that Mark Herring, the newly-elected Virginia Attorney General, is going to reverse his predecessor’s defense of Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban. Much like his counterpart in Pennsylvania, Herring won’t defend a law he believes to be unconstitutional. Republicans in Virginia, because of their belief in government non-interference in private [Read More...]

In Defense of Religious Belief

The Harris Poll about religious adherence was released a little over a week ago. In a report that surprised none of us at WWJTD but shook certain of our neighbors to the core, it determined that adherence to religious belief is dropping significantly. Well, significantly for a drop in religious belief, anyway. It’s a small [Read More...]

Establishment Clause Win in Mississippi

Remember those school assemblies in Mississippi that were specifically intended to tell the high school students to accept Jesus into their othwise shallow and meaningless lives? I wrote about the situation when those assemblies happened last spring. In an agreed judgment entered of record Friday, the Rankin County School District administrators admitted that the students’ [Read More...]

Taoiseach Enda Kenny Defies the Church Again

First he delivered a blistering reprimand to the Catholic Church over the Cloyne Report. Then he offered a heartfelt apology to the women incarcerated and forced to labor as slaves in Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries. (Full text is of the 19 minute apology is here.) (The church, of course, has yet to apologize.) Now he’s publicly [Read More...]