#tomyunbornchild – your future parents are bigots.

Christina here… Sorry I’ve been slacking off on The Daily Twitter recently – my life got busy and I haven’t had much time to blog. Shameful, I know. Still, I’ve been plugging away on Twitter between clients at work, baiting bigots left, right and center. A few days ago, the hashtag #tomyunbornchild trended. Most of [Read More...]

Wanna write a guest post?

Calling all people with patience! Would you like to write a guest post(s) for this blog? JT and I seek volunteers who live in or around the areas in which Dr. Brad Harrub will present creationist seminars and retreats in 2012 to attend a seminar and write about it. I don’t want you to be [Read More...]

Eternal Reward

Christina here…   Eternal Reward Hey. Will you walk down the hall, down the stairs across the street to fetch me a newspaper and a soda? No. I’ll buy you a soda too. No? How about five bucks to go with your soda. Okay. The reward goes up you’re more likely to do what I [Read More...]

I have Drugs! an update.

Hey everyone! Christina here. I’ve spend the last month and a half since being prescribed drugs testing them out, and I’m happy to report fairly positive results. Last time I wrote about mental illness, my psychiatrist prescribed Lexapro and Wellbutrin for depression/anxiety/depersonalization. Part of me doesn’t want to bore you with the details, but here [Read More...]

We are everywhere!

Christina here… I’m a home health occupational therapist and a biomechanics researcher. I visit the office of the home health agency a few times a week to turn in paperwork and participate in case conference and such. The other day, while completing some paperwork, I accidentally kicked over a stack of folders and papers. As [Read More...]

Atheism and burden of proof

Christina here… I stumbled upon this blog, Choosing Hats.  On said blog, the author, BK, wrote about atheism and burden of proof. I shall quote it somewhat liberally, but you can read the whole post if you like: This position of not having a burden of proof is fine until one considers that holding any [Read More...]

Genital-based insults and transgendered people

Christina here… So last week I posted a The Daily Twitter in which a person with whom I engaged in conversation with attempted to “insult” me by asking if I was born a man. In another The Daily Twitter, I was called a hermaphrodite, presumably because of my lack of belief in god. Fellow blogger Natalie [Read More...]

We have been RAGED!

Christina here… The other day I asked my friend Ben if he could make a RAGE version of JT and I. He delivered:   [Read more...]

The Daily Twitter: Science is athiest religion

Christina here… Here’s your daily dose of Twitter:   Dude, I’ve got nothin’. I’m an atheist, and my job is to help people with disabilities live better lives. They are pretty much all poor and needy. I don’t do it because of any god or lack of gods.       Learn more about Christina and [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Goatse proves god

Christina here… Enjoy your daily dose of TDT. This one is pretty silly: [Read more...]