VLOG: Dissolving Mice in Mountain Dew

For your viewing pleasure, have a bideo. I’ll pretend to kitchen science for you!     Hopefully my friend Sarah (who filmed) and I will amuse (and possibly disgust) you.   Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur. [Read more...]

The Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2011

(Christina here…) DefendChristians.org puts out a reader-submitted list of the “Top Ten Anti-Christian Acts of…” each year. Let’s discuss. The Top Ten Anti-Christian Events in 2011 are: 10) NBC television network twice took the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in its lead-up to the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club.  How DARE [Read More...]

Mountain Dew Mice Experiment Begins!

I told you I was serious. Yesterday I posted a quick post about doing experiments with mice after reading Pepsi’s explanation about why a mouse could not have been found in a can of Mountain Dew. Apparently, a man from Illinois allegedly grabbed a can of Mountain Dew from a vending machine, opened it, drank, [Read More...]

Jumping on the sexism train. Again.

Okay, I’ve decided to read this post by Mallorie concerning sexism in the atheist/skeptic movement. You know, the post that one man tweeted about… I’m going to throw my voice into the fray and see what happens. For as long as I can remember I have been welcomed in to communities which were generally considered “sausage fests”. If [Read More...]

Mountain Dew and Mice? EXPERIMENT TIME!

I read this news article on Pepsi’s defense of a man who claimed to have found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew. Pepsi Co., facing a lawsuit from a man who claims to have found a mouse in his Mountain Dew can, has an especially creative, if disgusting, defense: their soda would have [Read More...]

(Effect) Size Matters

Christina here… Today I shall science you about research literature and the impact measures of effect size have on detecting the magnitude of effect of some researched treatment modality. I’ll try to present this information for the lay reader interested in science and in learning how to read and interpret research literature. This might serve as [Read More...]

Wanna write a guest post?

Calling all people with patience! Would you like to write a guest post(s) for this blog? JT and I seek volunteers who live in or around the areas in which Dr. Brad Harrub will present seminars and retreats in 2012 to attend a seminar and write about it. I don’t want you to be disruptive [Read More...]

Delaware and Hawaii bring same-sex unions to 2012

I heard on the Facevine that Delaware and Hawaii allowed the first same-sex couples in their respective states to get married today, January 1st, 2012. What an awesome way to ring in the new year! With Hawaii and Delaware joining the list Sunday, five states now recognize same-sex civil unions, while six other states and [Read More...]

Adventures at the Funnyfarm

(Christina here…) Two days ago, I drove myself to the St. Anthony’s Hyland Behavioral Health Center in St. Louis. I finally decided to try to fix the broken part of my brain: I have Depersonalization/Derealization disorder (DP/DR) and Attention-Deficit Disorder. I’ve written a bit about my personal experiences with DP/DR  here.  You’ll probably want to [Read More...]

Further reflections on acceptable behavior

In the comments of my post on The Reddit misogyny issue, “No Excuses.“,  reader Tony B said something interesting: Agreeing that [the Reddit response to a 15 year old posting a picture of herself with a book] are in poor taste, I’d like to go deeper and consider the minutiae of what should be acceptable and what [Read More...]