No Excuses.

Up until now, this lady has stayed completely out of any discussion of the atheist/skeptical community and misogyny/sexism. I didn’t want to get involved. I felt that people wrote enough words, discussing sexism to the point of overwhelming inanity. I stayed out of elevatorgate, convinced that other people had better, more eloquent, more convincing things to say than [Read More...]

Being Gay is worse than Smoking

Hi guys! Christina here. Ever since I attended a 3-day seminar by Brad Harrab and wrote about a gazillion posts in response, he and I have shared a friendship of sorts, occasionally bumping into each other on Facebook (Edit 1/1/12 Aww, he defriended me!) and in real life. The other day, he posted a most *ahem* intriguing post to [Read More...]

I know Christmas is over, but…

I thought I might like to have the last word about Christmas. Richard Land – one of my favorite radio personalities on the local Christian radio station I listen to, wrote a piece for the Washington Post titled, “Why it’s hard to be a Christian at Christmas“. You’ve got a whole month in which no [Read More...]

Christina Introduces Herself.

Guess what, fellow heathens? The WWJTD blog has added another author – me! My name is Christina, though some of you might know me from my blog as Ziztur. I’ve written several guest posts over here and am probably most famously known for being the other half in JT’s polyamory escapades. I hail from St. [Read More...]