WWJTD Podcast: Episode 1 – Ed Brayton

Christina here… Today we recorded the first episode of the WWJTD Podcast! We have not yet captured the audio from the podcast, but because we created it using Google hangouts, the entire podcast is available in vlogcast form right now. We will upload the audio to the podcast RSS feed as soon as we get [Read More...]

AFA’s Naughty or Nice List

  Christina here…. One “Million” Mom’s sent me an email! Dear Christina, As the Christmas shopping season begins full swing, here is our annual “Naughty or Nice” retailer list. We have taken the top 100 national retailers and reviewed their websites, media advertising and in-store signage in an effort to help you know which companies [Read More...]

Selfishness and suicide.

[Trigger warning:  suicide] Christina here… I received a text message from my dad 2 months ago: Dad: “Do you remember Shawn (lastname)?” “Of course I do”, I thought. Shawn and I lived together as roommates for a few years. We met in high school. We picked up odd jobs together with my dad, who is a general [Read More...]

You’ve got questions, we’ve got podcast.

Christina here… We’re gong to record our first WWJTD podcast this week, wooo! We’re going to have an advice segment of said podcast called, appropriately, “What Would JT Do?” Here’s the thing: JT won’t be on every week, but we want to do this segment every week. So, your podcast hosts will channel act as JT [Read More...]

Casting call: kids at Skepticon 5

Christina here… I’ve decided to produce a video version of my popular post: How To Shove Atheism Down People’s Throats in 10 Easy Steps for Youtube and I need some kids who want to play a role in it! I would like to film a group of kids who could pass for middle-school age (so if you’re [Read More...]


Christina here… This video has been floating around Twitter all day, and I feel it is my duty to respond to it. The video is:  The Evil of Atheism: The Video Atheists DO NOT want you to see! (Buddhism and Christianity) and is produced by a guy called “Daniel, Man of Reason”. I want you to see [Read More...]

How to shove atheism down people’s throats in 10 easy steps.

Christina here… We’ve all heard the phrase, “Stop shoving atheism down my throat!” from non-atheists. We’ve also heard, “Stop shoving your religion down my throat!” from others. This is a figurative phrase. I means something like, “stop imposing your beliefs on me in a way that is threatening, hostile, oppressive, or inescapable!” Well, what if [Read More...]

Scientists sentenced to 6 years in prison for false statements about earthquake

Christina here… Sometimes, scientists (and government officials) can be held liable and face trial for manslaughter charges for failing to correctly inform the public about the potential danger of a potential natural disaster: Six Italian scientists and one government official are now anxiously waiting to find out if they face a jail term for failing to [Read More...]

Post Rapture Looting: atheism-

Christina here… Yesterday I joined the dudes over at Post Rapture Looting for episode 38 of their podcast. I offered a reading of “Why atheists aren’t suing Muslims in 10 questions” and then we talked about how I lost my toes in a horrific boating accident involving a bear and a circular saw without the [Read More...]

Pastor tells it like it is!

Christina here… You really need to watch this video of a pastor from the Brentwood Christian Church in Missouri (my state, woo!) giving a bible-thumping speech about gay rights. TRUST ME. Watch it to the end. This guy was born and raised in Springfield, MO, home of Skepticon. Can somebody invite him to Skepticon? Or [Read More...]