Donate to Greta Christina, you know you wanna.

Christina here…         I once had the pleasure of driving Greta and Ingrid from St. Louis to Springfield for Skepticon.  I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her speak many times, and she once (unknowingly) helped my friend from the brink of suicide with her writing. She’s recently been diagnosed with cancer, [Read More...]

Why atheists aren’t suing Muslims in 10 questions

Christina here… I’ve come across a curious type of comment lately, usually in reference to the FFRF or other organizations working to protect our freedoms under the Establishment Clause:   @theblaze @billyhallowell I like the question about the athiest lawsuit. Why don’t the athiests go after the Muslims. Are athiests Muslims? — Joe Snuffy (@Snuffy_Joe) [Read More...]

JT Eberhard interviews Tisha Unarmed

Christina here… I recorded this video of JT and Tisha back in.. February I think? I finally got off my lazy butt and finished editing it enough to throw it on Youtube. They talk about some serious issues: depression, god, handling setbacks in your life – it’s totally worth watching. Enjoy! If you skip to [Read More...]

Tisha Unarmed on Inside Edition +me.

Christina here… On Monday Tisha (my friend who was born without arms) and I spent the day with the film crew of Inside Edition. Tomorrow Tisha will be on the show, and I will make a brief appearance!   Here’s a sneak preview.   Update: Well, they removed the sneak preview video. Damn! Enjoy! Learn more [Read More...]

Survey of religious hostility in America Pt.1

Christina here… The Liberty Counsel recently (Aug 2012) released a report called “Survey of Religious Hostility in America” <–.pdf. I’m going to analyze it in multiple parts, because you just don’t want to read that much in one sitting. The executive summary states: This updated edition of the Survey of Religious Hostility in America is a [Read More...]

How to determine if your religious liberty is being threatened

Christina here. I saw this awesome Huffpo post entitled How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions and think it is great! However, as I was reading it, I got the impression that we need more than 10 questions, and that some of the questions could be worded a [Read More...]

Live Tweeting my homeopathic overdose.

Christina here… Hi! I contribute to JT’s blog! Isn’t that swell? Most people say I’m nicer than JT. I’m really not. I just pretend to be nicer. Grrrr! I write about whatever I feel like: JT says I have complete freedom to put whatever I want in this space. So I’m going to hang up [Read More...]

Timothy Dalrymple on homosexuality

Christina here… The other day, JT posted this commentary on a blog post over at Patheos. And since it’s on my mind, I came across this post by Timothy Dalrymple at Philosophical Fragments and thought I’d comment on part of it. JT addressed only a small part of the post. I read it, and decided to comment [Read More...]

Wheelchair Rope Suspension

Christina here… I did this the other day:     [Read more...]

On assisted suicide.

Christina here. The other day, my aunt died after being on life support for pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs) and all sorts of other nasties, including dementia. I’m not really sad about her death, which I guess makes me a heartless bitch (kidding!), plus we knew it was coming. Anyhow, right before she died, she [Read More...]