Tisha UnArmed shows you ALL THE THINGS

Christina here..   So, pretty soon I’m going to be uploading and interview JT and Tisha did a few months ago – as soon as I finish editing it (I need to get rid of some audio noise and add some pics of her artwork and stuff – yes, she is an ARTIST. Mostly watercolor [Read More...]

Armless friend-promotion

Christina here… One of my best friends, Tisha, decided to create a Youtube channel. I think you should go watch, because Tisha shows you how do to ALL THE THINGS with your feet – she has no arms.     .     Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur. [Read more...]

Church Vandalized in Bellevile, IL

Christina here… A church near my home of St. Louis and 3 miles down the same street where my husband works has been horribly vandalized, and the teens who allegedly did it destroyed much of the interior of the church and spraypainted racist and anti-religious graffiti. Destroying property sends the wrong message, teens. Helping the [Read More...]

Come to Skepticamp St. Louis!

Christina here… Next Saturday, August 18th 2012 from about 10:00am-5:00pm at the Ethical Society of St. Louis, The Skeptical Society of St. Louis (of which I am V.P.) is hosting Skepticamp! Here, have some info plagiarized from the event sites: We are excited to announce St. Louis SkeptiCamp 2012, a free conference where you can participate! When: [Read More...]

Oh look, a poll on the Missouri Public Prayer Amendment

Christina here… Look what my home state has churned up this week. A poll on the Missouri Public Prayer Amendment! Dr. B has written a few things on this Amendment, mostly how it proposes to allow clergy to give invocations at public meetings (US Constitution be damned) and lets kids declare that certain school topics [Read More...]

Well spin me dizzy, Fox.

Christina here, I wasn’t going to write about Chick-fil-a, but today while working my clinical OT, I listened toFM News Talk in the car between clients. Chick-fil-a. All day. I don’t think they went  5 minutes without mentioning them. They had advertisements for “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day”. They had callers call in to tell them how long [Read More...]

Losing health insurance sucks.

Christina here… So! Back in April, my husband’s boss stopped payinf for our health insurance. This is partially our fault: for some reason when he set up our health insurance, he gave the insurance company our home address for billing. So whenever the monthly payment was due, the bills got sent to us, and Chris [Read More...]

#ToMyFutureKids hashtag spawns threats towards future gays

Christina here… So there’s this Twitter hashtag trending right now: #ToMyFutureKids. Also trending: more examples of homphobia.     #ToMyFutureKids If you are gay I will kill you ! — 哈立德 (@Its_Khalid_) July 2, 2012 #ToMyFutureKids fuck and smoke as much as you can and if you want to be gay…I’LL KILL YOU — Corey [Read More...]

Screw your mysticism, there's a simpler explanation.

Christina here… The other day some guy said to me, “But dude, how do you explain why atoms act differently when observed? It’s like they *know* they are being observed.” The guys was talking about the uncertainty principal. And possibly the  double-slit experiments in the context of quantum mysicism, the idea ” that reality is just a [Read More...]


Christina here… Whooo!!! As much as I love blogging, doing it for 12 hours straight is a little mind-numbing. But now that I’m done, I don’t want to quit. What do I do now? Actually get off my computer? I don’t even know. It’s like I just got off work, but don’t plan to leave [Read More...]