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Greg Abbott backs nativity scene in Texas Capitol

Literally a few hours after I post a story about how the vast majority of Americans support having religious holiday displays on government property, I find a story of a nativity scene going up in the Texas Capitol. On Monday, a very simplistic nativity scene (pictured above) was unveiled in the basement of the Capitol’s rotunda [Read More...]

Poll: overwhelming support for religious displays on government property

A new poll has found that 72% of Americans believe having religious holiday displays on government property is okay.The poll, released Monday by Pew Forum, found that not only did nearly three-quarters find this acceptable, but 44% of the respondents said that this would be okay even if they were only Christian displays. That being said, when we [Read More...]

New GOP Congressman actually believes in science

US Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was the last holdout for the Democratic Party to have at least one Senator from the Deep South. She is highly regarded in the Democratic Party as a moderate and bridge-builder, and it will be sad to see her go (except if you oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline, in which case, [Read More...]

Kirk Cameron thanks atheists for rating ‘Saving Christmas’ worst movie ever

Despite being widely received by critics and the public as simply a terrible movie, Kirk Cameron is trying to spin the negative media around his new movie, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, as a positive and would like to thank us godless heathens for all the free attention he’s getting from it. From the Saving Christmas website: To quote Barnum [Read More...]

Fox News host: Satanism not ‘legitimate’ religion because Christianity is ‘reality’

Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’ Fox and Friends show, said Saturday that the Satanic Temple does not have the right to erect their own holiday display on the steps of the Florida State Capitol and implies that Satanism is not a “legitimate religion.” His reasoning? The Satanic Temple is just a joke religion meant to [Read More...]

Austin City Council candidate on her attack ad against ‘self admitted atheist’ opponent

In the run-off race for Austin City Council District 4, religion was the last thing most people thought would be brought up. That was until Laura Pressley released an infographic comparing her and her opponent, Gregorio Casar. The infographic alleges, among roughly a dozen other comparisons, that Gregorio Casar is a “self admitted atheist” while [Read More...]

Christian group seeking funds to open McDonald’s in church

Just when you thought the intersection of religion and consumerism couldn’t get any worse, there is a group called ‘the McMass Project’ that is trying to raise $1 million to open up a McDonald’s chain in a church.   On their crowd-funding page, the group claims the following:   In the US alone, 3 million people [Read More...]

UK bans certain sex acts in porn, many aimed at female pleasure

Unlike here in the United States, the United Kingdom does not have a constitution that outlines their right to freedom of speech or expression, which has allowed American pornographers to make pretty much anything they want. In the UK, the government just quietly amended the 2003 Communications Act, which governs the nations porn production. The Audiovisual [Read More...]

Austin City Council candidate Gregario Casar’s response to claims of being an atheist

The race for Austin City Council District 4 garnered some negative attention recently for Laura Pressley, who is seeking to best Gregorio Casar in the run-off race where early voting just started. Pressley released a flyer claiming that Casar was a “self admitted atheist.” When I originally wrote on the subject, neither candidate responded in time [Read More...]

Austin City Council candidate attacks supposedly ‘self admitted atheist’ opponent

The run-off race for Austin City Council District 4 is probably not something most people, especially outside of Austin, will pay much attention to, including myself. The race is between Laura Pressley and Gregorio Casar. Casar led Pressley with an impressive 39-22 lead in the November 4th election, commencing the run-off that is set to [Read More...]