God doesn’t want your kids in school

DrB-   It turns out, that if you live in Virginia, god might want your kids to remain uneducated. Some Virginia children might not be getting any education because of the state’s religious exemption from mandatory school attendance, according to a recent University of Virginia study. It’s on the rise, parents choosing to take their [Read More...]

We need more than 2 parties.

DrB-   I got to thinking, what would the election look like if instead of a list of candidates and parties, the ballot was just a listing of candidates positions on various topics? I recognize this would likely make voting more difficult, and next to impossible to determine clear/fair language for issues, but I think [Read More...]

A 7 minute reminder of how awesome Legos are.

  DrB-   In case you forgot how awesome Legos are, here is the “LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9″           You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, http://www.kcatheists.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/KCAtheists [Read more...]

Vote for the One True ™ 3rd party!

DrB-   I’ve come across a fantastically persuasive arguement. It turns out a 2 party system just isn’t going to meet the needs of today’s True Believer.  What’s a god fearing Christian to do? It is time for Christians, true followers of Jesus Christ, to rise up and say NO to satan this November! As [Read More...]

It’s all about the source

DrB-   Ever noticed how hard it is to convince a person of a new idea? Something such as one sports team being superior to another, that human activity influences global climate, or that religions aren’t actually true? It turns out, it’s not so much the quality of the information you use, or what facts [Read More...]

Contrasting Cartoons

DrB- Just two quick cartoons, first…we’re just that pale blue dot, suspended in a sunbeam. The entirety of our knowledge is just a spec. Second, oddly enough, one of my examples that would persuade me towards a specific religion: If aliens visited and had remarkably similar stories about religious figures or texts, this would prove [Read More...]

Do tax cuts actually stimulate the economy?

DrB- Standard line for Romney this campaign season, is that he’ll create jobs via some mystery process. He hasn’t outlined it just yet, or ever, but in short it involves lots of tax cuts. Presumably, this will create jobs.  But….does it? Lucky for us, there’s a new study out by the Congressional Research Service. In [Read More...]

Now I can stop using a spoon to eat popcorn

DrB- So, in order to solve a significant ‘first world problem,’ I eat popcorn and other salty snacks with a spoon. (A titanium spork, but who’s counting.) This means I don’t have to wipe my hands off between snacking, and using a game controller or keyboard. I came across this, and realized it was the [Read More...]

A petition I can get behind

DrB- I have the unfortunate experience of living directly next to the state of Kansas. However, one enterprising individual has some up with just the thing our country needs: Kansas needs to change its name.   As a proud resident of Kansas City, Missouri, I’m tired of the negative associations and constant embarrassment at the [Read More...]

Taxing the church

DrB-   There’s a budget problem going on in the European Union, and some enterprising officials in Spain have come up with what must, in retrospect, seem like an obvious idea. Cash-strapped officials in Europe are looking for a way to ease their financial burden by upending centuries of tradition and seeking to tap one [Read More...]