For Science!

DrB- The “Christian Science Monitor” has a pretty decent science literacy quiz. 50 questions, each gives a bit of context after you answer, such as this on the age of the earth: In the 17th century, an Anglican archbishop in Ireland named James Ussher added up the reigns of the kings and lifespans of the [Read More...]

Congressman Cleaver doesn't believe in Atheists

DrB-   There was a March for Women’s equality in Kansas City this past weekend, and there was a pretty decent turnout. Missouri Congressman Cleaver even showed up to give his stance of support for women’s equal rights. I’m glad Cleaver supports women’s equal rights, that’s a no brainer everyone should be able to get [Read More...]

Proper threat assessment

DrB-   To start, I play a lot of Magic: The Gathering. One of the skills that takes a long time to learn in multi-player game, is threat assessment. That is, to figure out who at the table is the biggest threat to you, and to deal with them appropriately. It’s not straightforward, and can [Read More...]

Breaking the Law? Fraud? Endangering lives? Doesn't matter, CAUSEJESUS.

DrB- JT works daily with school administrators breaking the law by discriminating against atheist student groups, or promoting sectarian prayer. The FFRF works daily with city councils and other government bodies breaking the law with church/state violations. But sometimes, you come across a new low. The lead pastor of the Victorious Pentecostal Assembly Manchester has [Read More...]

Cause science is awesome.

DrB- Just didn’t want anybody to miss this, “We’re NASA and we know it” You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, & [Read more...]

Missouri "right to pray" amendment

DrB- I got a comment on my original entry over Missouri’s “Right to Pray” amendment, sending me over to a website in favor of the amendment. I’ve taken to asking people “Do you consider this your best and most relevant argument in favor of your position?” when it comes to these types of things, it [Read More...]

might have to sell a gold throne or two…

DrB-   I’ll keep it short, but do enjoy this nugget of news:   The Vatican has registered one of its worst budget deficits in years, plunging back into the red with a €15 million ($19 million) deficit in 2011 after a brief respite of profit.   Yep. Even the almighty can’t seem to [Read More...]

vote with your dollars

DrB- Recently Oreo cookies released a rainbow ad in support of LGBT rights & solidarity. It looked kinda like this, but just the rainbow cookie and date: (not actual ad, but close enough)   Facebook and twitter exploded in support for Oreo. 1. Oreos are delicious. 2. Rainbow Oreo is a clever ad, with a [Read More...]

Missouri Amendment 2, help me out here.

DrB-   Missouri holds its primary elections August 7th. They’re somewhat unnecessary at this point, as Romney has the GOP nomination, and Obama has the DNC. But, we have them at tax payer expense. Whatever. There’s a constitutional amendment on the ballot as well, and I plan to do a bit of organization trying to [Read More...]

Mamma says Ben Franklin Is The Devil!

DrB-   So there is an issue coming up here for an election here locally, a Missouri state constitution amendment. This particular one is put on the ballot called the “Right To Pray” amendment, virtually guaranteeing it’s passage. Most of it is what you would expect, declaring that everybody has the right to worship “Almighty [Read More...]