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“Don’t you just love the New Pope?”

No. Fuck no. Listen up all you atheists who are so thrilled by Cardinal Bergoglio: Pope Francis is *not* progressive. He is not kind. He is an anti-gay bigot, like the popes before him. He still shields child molesters from prosecution. He still fights equality. He still subjugates women. You cannot do these things and [Read More...]

Gaming and Religion

Steven here… I follow the Did You Know Gaming? video game trivia feed because I am that kind of nerd. Their most recent video seemed of interest to atheists. It focuses on the religious objections to Pokemon. The whole thing is awesome because each religion is convinced that a game about cute monsters is a [Read More...]

Let’s talk about fallacies, baby

Steven here… This is a follow up to a previous post I did highlighting exceptions and false positive identifications of logical fallacies. Identifying logical fallacies is a powerful, if imperfect, tool for separating the truth from the bullshit. Reflecting on false positives can be a useful way of keeping yourself from using a list of [Read More...]

Good news and bad news out of Oklahoma

Steven here… You may recall us talking about Scott Esk, Republican candidate for state representative? If you don’t here’s a refresher. Yeah, that guy. The one who thinks that we should straight up murder people for being gay. Anyway, the primary results are in. Esk lost his primary, and he lost so hard. This gives [Read More...]

Reproductive Justice Fight!

Steven here… So with everyone’s mind on the birth control ruling from SCOTUS, it is only fitting that we think of as many ways to combat the fallout from such a ruling as we can. Luckily, the Secular Shethinkers are already on this one. Are you so mad at the recent SCOTUS rulings that you [Read More...]

Follow up on Josiah Biblename and thank you

Steven here… The other day I put out the call for donations to help a fellow atheist who had lost his only means of livelihood. You came through. Above and beyond the call in fact. Between WWJTD readers and the rest of the secular community over $1,300 was raised in under 24 hours. Instead of [Read More...]

Help Josiah Biblename

UPDATE: The goal for this fundraiser has been met and as such no further donations are required. I asked you to chip in for someone you may never have even met, and you all went above and beyond. Thank you all so much! Steven here… You may not know who Josiah Biblename is, but you’ve [Read More...]

Facebook fanpage for JT

Steven here… Fun fact: JT has a Facebook fan page! It’s actually been up for some time, but JT refuses to do any kind of self-promotion with it. So I’m going behind his back to ask you to go “like” it. #rebel #sorrynotsorry https://www.facebook.com/pages/JT-Eberhard/387729659103 [Read more...]

Dear Blogger

I am writing to you to thank you for seeking my readership for your atheism/skepticism blog. It’s nice to be wanted. First things first, I tip my hat to you for your efforts in promoting skepticism. People working for free or low pay to push critical thinking is something I have a strong appreciation for. [Read More...]

Liz Cheney doesn’t have enough empathy for family

Steven here… Often when a conservative politician has a family member come out as gay, they tend to soften their rhetoric or do a 180 on their civil rights position. While I don’t think this should be a necessary condition for persuading them to treat others well, it’s often sufficient motivation. That said, Liz Cheney [Read More...]