4 Brilliant Atheists for You to Follow

Steven here… When I started this series I came in with the belief that this movement was filled with unsung heroes. I was right about that. The depth and diversity of the movement though, is just mindboggling. I can’t express how much of a privilege it is to be a part of this community. The [Read More...]

I really motherfucking love goddamn science

Steven here… Maddox is brilliant. His recent post regarding the Facebook page, “I fucking love science” is pretty interesting. I think most of his criticisms can be summed up as him not liking the page’s name. Perhaps he would like “I fucking love scientists and the end results of the scientific process” instead. I agree [Read More...]

God’s just a kid

Steven here… The last time I was at a conference me and my friends were approached by a Christian woman. She explained to us in a very serious tone that when she spoke to God she was informed by him that our lives had gone extremely bad. We informed this well meaning person that her [Read More...]

I’m spiritual, not coherent

Steven here… So this Pew poll has been making the rounds lately. The takeaway message people are getting is that atheism is on the rise. Well, yes, atheism is on the rise. But this study doesn’t really show that. What it deals with are the “nones”–people who do not identify with a religion. I’m not [Read More...]

Why I care about mental illness

Steven here… Four years ago I was living in Portland, Oregon and had been trying to get back into the habit of writing, which I had neglected for more years than is acceptable. The woman I was dating had a Pulitzer Prize finalist for a sister, which made for a formidable motivation. After all, if [Read More...]

4 Atheists to Inspire You

Steven here… I often hear from atheists who look up to the leaders in this movement and perhaps put those leaders on a pedestal. There are amazing people in this movement, but they are every one of them regular humans. Certainly they weren’t good at this starting out. One of my goals with this series [Read More...]

4 Hardworking Atheists You Will Love

Steven here… I am putting this together while at the Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting, so this week’s post will be a little shorter than usual. One of the lovely things about events like this is how invested the attendees and organizers are in this movement. This is something we should all be striving for. [Read More...]

5 Awesome Atheists Under The Radar

Steven here… You may have heard of what these people have done, even if you haven’t heard their names. That needs to change. If someone is figuratively pouring their heart and soul into our movement and getting results, that’s something worth celebrating and emulating. In that spirit (also figurative) I present more atheist leaders who [Read More...]

5 Atheists You Should Know About

Steven here… Every week I’m gonna highlight some of the people in this movement who deserve more recognition. They may not have the name recognition of Dave Silverman or PZ Myers, but the work they do is just as important.       1. Guy P. Harrison Whenever people think about books dealing with atheism, [Read More...]