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The vertebrate is a software engineer, and spends too much time thinking about a narrow set of topics.

On Disproving Abiogenesis

Previously, I wrote an article addressing a description of “specified complexity”, any why it’s a fairly useless indicator of design. A commenter plopped into the comments section an article (fp) which addresses the improbability of abiogenesis. That article, and ongoing comments in favor of specified complexity, seem to making errors along similar lines. [Read more...]

On Recognizing Design

The Cult of Dusty guy (Dusty), recently put out a video (below) about yet another of Joshua Feuerstien’s not-researched disproofs of evolution. It’s an extremely caustic video, probably NSFW, yet, strangely satisfying. I take issue (not necessarily with this video) with his word choices often, such as being ableist, so it’d be nice if he [Read More...]

On Specific Complexity

I was actually writing up a different article (for Monday) where this topic came up. I found an article that tried explain what it was. So now here I am, writing a pre-Article. [Read more...]

I use the wiggle method

[Read more...]

Eat-Meat Day

It’s Ash Wednesday, where some sects of Christianity (such as Catholics) are supposed to “fast” by avoiding meat. So in other words, it’s Eat-Meat Day. To those vegetarians/vegans out there, you can eat fish, because it’s not meat, apparently: Q: Are chicken and fish considered meat? A: Chicken yes, fish no. The Catholic Church’s abstinence [Read More...]

Religious Belief: Taking the Red Pill

Recently, the Atheist Experience uploaded ancient episodes they had aired from long ago. This weekend I’m listening to episodes from 1999. Despite being 16 years old, these conversations are largely relevant to today – maybe not the discussions about the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, but rather the theistic discussions. We’re having the same discussions now that we [Read More...]

The struggles of an Alabama Judge

It must be hard to be a judge in Alabama right now, with the confusion of probate judges about whether to issue licenses or not. The Washington Post covers one such judge’s dilemma. [Read more...]

A = !A

We’ve all heard it a number of times, by now. “Atheism is a religion.” When we attempt to explain why this is not the case, the conversation goes something like this: [Read more...]

Probability and Perspectives

Hement Mehta posted a rebuttal to the Fine-Tuning argument today. He spoke one line that stuck out in my mind. Paraphrasing, this argument is usually something like “If the conditions of the universe weren’t right for life, we wouldn’t be here to talk about it.” I agree, but I think it’s a point that will [Read More...]

Groundhog’s Day: Global Warming Denialism, Part 926356

Over at the Christian Post, an author has a problem with Obama’s speech, namely, the facts about global warming. He provides a handy bulleted list. [Read more...]