GAMING: Teemo Pentakill.

I’m pretty sure getting a pentakill with Teemo makes me the worst League of Legends player ever. Watch live video from JTEberhard on Twitch [Read more...]

Father on “rule of law” with regard to immigration.

My hometown paper just ran an opinion article titled, no shit, “Rule of Law Trumps Compassion.”  It was penned by a man named Jack R. Kunath who really wants to help the children receiving amnesty here in the United States, but dagnabbit he just feels bound by the rule of law: In my opinion — [Read More...]

AiG seeks tax incentives from the state of Kentucky for Noah’s Ark theme park.

Ok, I know I said I’m taking a personal day, and I am, but there are two more things I have to post (and the next one won’t take but a minute).  But first this. Answers in Genesis want to build a theme park in Kentucky to evangelize to mostly children, since it turns out [Read More...]

A response to Samus.

Gonna take a personal day today.  I’m feeling much better, but just want to make sure I stay that way as long as possible as I’m still waiting to get into therapy.  Also people are moving into the apartment above us and I can’t hear myself think (though, even moving in furniture and drilling things, [Read More...]

BREAKING: Alaska Supreme Court rules same-sex partners entitled to survivor benefits.

Because of the ban on same-sex marriage in Alaska, the surviving partner in same-sex couples were not entitled to survivor benefits.  The state’s Supreme Court just ruled unanimously that this is unconstitutional: The Alaska Supreme Court today ruled unanimously that the same-sex partner of a person killed on the job should have access to the [Read More...]

House approves measure that prevent scientists in the Energy Department from doing science.

So this happened. On July 10, the House approved the fiscal 2015 Energy and Water Appropriations bill on a 253-170 vote. In the bill, Congress unfortunately cut funding for such things as renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and energy efficiency; perhaps even more worrisome, however, were a series of amendments successfully attached to the bill. Each [Read More...]

Governor of Alabama: the federal government should look to Alabama for how to run the country.

What Alabama lacks in quality of life its governor makes up for in faux confidence.  One might worry it’s troublesome for a governor to think his state is doing well when it’s one of the worst in the US in, well, pretty much everything that isn’t having good college football teams. National leaders would do [Read More...]

Mayor being sued by the FFRF compares atheists to Nazis and the KKK.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is back at, this time they’re suing Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, MI, for allowing Christian groups to dispense literature in the City Hall building, but denying atheists who wish to do the same: The American Civil Liberties Union in Michigan and two secular groups are suing the city [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: another sleepless night.

I didn’t sleep last night (so I apologize for what’s sure to be a myriad of typos), but I did get to see the sunrise.  It’s Kansas, so the only silver lining was in my head, but at least it was there.  Mostly it looks like a sunset, just muggier. I’d like to think I [Read More...]

Gordon Klingenschmitt inadvertently calls Christianity demonic.

Something really great, in terms of church-state separation, happened in India a few weeks ago: Earlier this month, India’s Supreme Court ruled that fatwas issued by Sharia courts carried no legal power and could not be enforced by the government or against the will of those who refuse to abide by them. Of course when [Read More...]