Rick Perry praises the economic genius of…Sam Brownback.

Rick Perry recently talked up Kansas governor Sam Brownback at a fundraiser by saying a bunch of things that simply aren’t true: In competing political events Wednesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry hailed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s economic record, while supporters of Brownback’s opponent, Paul Davis, took to the street protesting the governor’s policies on education [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: violence at god’s command ok, because god commanded it. Not so for Allah.

Pat Robertson, who is big on quoting the Koran to show how Islam is an inherently violent religion, talks about genocidal commands in the old testament – justifying them, and saying that such violence was morally good because god commanded it. When Allah commands violence…well, that’s Allah, and that’s evil. How can you possibly tell [Read More...]

Are you in or near Santa Clara, CA and want to use church money for a good cause?

I just saw this image posted by American Atheists on facebook: It’s actually a decent investment.  If you convince one new person who tithes for any decent amount of time, your church likely turns a profit. Anyway, when I saw this I thought to myself, “What if that money was going to a homeless shelter [Read More...]

Ed Hensley doing great work digging into Ark Encounters theme park.

Dan Arel, who has been eviscerating Ken Ham on the regular, will be happy to see this (indeed, he was).  Ed Hensley sent myself and some others the results of an FOIA request regarding the Ark Encounters theme park being build by Answers in Genesis.  It turns out the state of Kentucky is giving millions [Read More...]

A proposed response to ultra-Orthodox Jews who refused to sit next to women on a plane.

An El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv was recently delayed because a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who had been previously assigned seats, refused to sit in those seats because *gasp* it would mean sitting by women. According to the passengers who were on the plane, their fellow ultra-Orthodox travelers refused to sit [Read More...]

Ex-gay, ex-gay porn star, fundamentalist Christian explains why “Satan loves anal sex.”

Meet Joseph ciambra.  That link will take you to his website: How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult.  I’d link to some of his previous work, but it might be too interesting and detract from this entry.  You see, Sciambra used to be a gay porn star before he eschewed [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: twoo luv.

I think they like each other: [Read more...]

Catch me on Atheist Analysis tonight alongside the Game Theory Podcast.

I got asked at the last second to join the hosts of the Game Theory Podcast on Atheist Analysis tonight.  I’ve come down sick with the crud Michaelyn had last week, so I may just grunt my approval of everything David and Jeremiah say.  I’ve also asked the hosts if Michaelyn can sit in for [Read More...]

Christianity: prompting people to argue for the morality of watching a baby die.

If Christians and atheists can converge on any point, one would think it would be that ignoring a baby while it drowns is immoral.  No such luck, as I found out in a post from yesterday.  If a human watches a baby die with indifference, they’re immoral.  When god does?  He must really, really love [Read More...]

Cities hosting the Olympics will have to adopt non-discrimination resolution that includes LGBT!

What a wonderful bit of news this is!  The Olympic Committee has decreed that any city hosting the Olympics will have to sign on to an anti-discrimination clause that includes LGBT people. The International Olympics Committee (IOC) has announced that moving forward, prospective host cities will have to a agree to a new anti-discrimination clause as part [Read More...]