Your morning happiness: I know that love is strong enough…

Heard this on the radio yesterday and it made me smile.  :)  Hopefully it will do the same for you. [Read more...]

How do cell phones work?

Ok, all you people who know about cell phones.  Michaelyn’s cell phone is…old.  Like, it voted for George Washington.  So we’re considering getting her a new one.  Here’s the deal: she doesn’t need a data plan, but she’d like a new phone.  What is the best way to get a decent phone with no data [Read More...]

Police chief in Searcy, Arkansas won’t remove cross from police department lawn.

What the hell is wrong with Arkansas lately? So, in Searcy there is a cross prominently displayed on the lawn of the police station.  It was put there by a local church and the police chief has refused to take it down, even as the Freedom From Religion Foundation has told him that he must. [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: 65 years from now gay activists will be arresting Christians.

The paranoia train is going off the rails with Glenn Beck as of yesterday. Right Wing Watch also goes ham on Beck’s assertion that nobody today would echo the sentiment that homosexuality is a criminal offense: Maybe Beck ought to take a look around our archives featuring post after post of contemporary Religious Right leaders [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: the Affordable Healthcare Act is a religion and therefore a violation of separation of church & state.

Some days I don’t have to dig up the idiocy.  Some days the idiocy finds me. And who could possibly miss the irony of Glenn Beck attempting to use the separation of church and state when it suits him?  But if it doesn’t?  Well, then “separation of church and state” doesn’t appear in any government [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Ascension to Cosmo Canyon.

Like most people, whenever I’m going through a bit of a rough patch I find peace in music.  Here’s what I had on this morning.  :)  It’s a remix of the song “Ascension To Cosmo Canyon” from Final Fantasy VII.  Ironically, this was one of my least favorite songs in the actual game, but this [Read More...]

Bill Nye on his objective.

Many people have wondered why Bill Nye would debase himself to debate Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.  This might give some of those people some insight. My favorite debates have always been the ones I do in churches.  I want there to be a line a mile long to challenge me – that’s more [Read More...]

The Blaze doesn’t like the Freethought Books Project.

The Center for Inquiry has begun providing inmates at prisons with educational books about freethought, logic, etc.  It’s kind of like what religious people do with bibles, except instead of being told they must believe on shoddy evidence the CFI is trying to teach people to reject claims unsupported by evidence.  It’s a solid life [Read More...]

UN to grill the Vatican on shielding pedophile priests.

This is going to be pretty awkward. The Vatican is gearing up for a bruising showdown over the global priest sex abuse scandal, forced for the first time to defend itself at length and in public against allegations it enabled the rape of thousands of children by protecting pedophile priests and its own reputation at [Read More...]

A naked angel has visited my hometown.

My hometown is full of Jesus, as is obvious by the nativity scene controversy.  Apparently things have gotten so bad with the County being forced to obey the law and give equal representation to atheists that god has sent down an angel.  The angel appeared briefly the other night to an employee of the Baxter [Read More...]