California removes personal/religious exemptions from vaccine laws. Jim Carrey loses his mind.

Yesterday Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that would prohibit parents from putting other children at risk by sending their own unvaccinated kids to public school with them, and no allowance would be made for endangering other people’s children just because you were religious or if you really wanted to: California Gov. Jerry Brown has [Read More...]

One of Josh Duggar’s molestation victims is suing him.

One of Josh Duggar’s victims (not one of his sisters, that would never fly in the Duggar household) is filing a civil suit against him: A non-Duggar family molestation victim is preparing to file a civil suit against Josh Duggar, sources tell In Touch magazine exclusively in the new issue on newsstands today. Oh, and you know that shady little [Read More...]

Conservative advocacy group masquerading as a health organization to claim same-sex marriage harms kids.

Danielle Muscato has caught a conservative advocacy group pretending to be a medical organization so they can undermine the consensus of actual medical organizations: Heads up! Please share. Right-wing sources are reporting that the American College of Pediatricians released a statement on Friday saying “Same-sex marriage deliberately deprives the child of a mother or a [Read More...]

Anti-gay tantrum parade: Rick Wiles says we should flee the country to evade god’s wrath.

Pastor Rick Wiles, who has previously delivered to us such insights like Obama being the reincarnation of Hitler and the leader of ISIS, or that Ebola could solve atheism (and homosexuality, and promiscuity, and porn addiction), is hitting us with the hard truth again: this time that we ought to flee the country before god [Read More...]

BREAKING: Because of gay marriage Vladimir Putin will destroy America.

As far as I can see I’m the first to report on this story, for all the good it will do me since America will soon be destroyed. [Read more...]

FFRF’s Andrew Seidel has written a magnificent open letter to the Oklahoma Attorney General.

When the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the ten commandments monument was a violation of church and state (you think?), OK Attorney General Scott Pruitt was no very happy.  His ol’ buddy Andrew Seidel has reached out to him: Dear Mr. Pruitt: We’ve tangled several times before. Once regarding a Christian men’s club using Oklahoma [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Begging for food is exhausting.

It’s a hard life being a dog. View post on [Read more...]

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert: the majority gives the minority their rights by choice.

There are simply no words for this incompetent, contemptible son of a bitch: Good times.  This is the guy who was beside himself that a gay pride parade could be held on a Sunday.  He also wanted to impeach the judge who struck down the state’s gay marriage ban and who wants to install a 10 [Read More...]

Oklahoma Republicans call for the impeachment of justices who ruled against the ten commandments monument.

Earlier today the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that a ten commandments monument on the state capitol might just be seen as an endorsement of a particular religion, thus violating the separation of church and state.  I haven’t read the ruling yet, but I can only imagine it can be summed up with, “no shit.” [Read More...]

BREAKING: Oklahoma Supreme Court rules the ten commandments monument must be removed from state capitol!

Man, this week just keeps getting better: The Ten Commandments monument must be removed from the grounds of the state Capitol, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. In a 7-2 opinion the Supreme Court found the placement of the monument on the grounds of the state Capitol violate Article 2, Section 5, of the Oklahoma [Read More...]