FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Bible distribution is a widespread problem in Oklahoma schools. The FFRF is putting a stop to it.

I recently wrote about an Oklahoma third grade teacher who handed out bibles to her students.  Would you believe this problem is more widespread in Oklahoma than this single teacher?  I know, get ready. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter today to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who is offering support to Oklahoma schools to “defend religious freedom”—which [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Parent receives threat after complaining of public school bringing in Bible Man.

A parent has contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation over her son’s public school in Tennessee bringing in a guest speaker named Bible Man (not joking) to evangelize to the students: The Christian-themed superhero character played by Horace Turner has been visiting Grundy County schools for nearly 40 years, but the atheist mom contacted a national [Read More...]

FAITH, LAW, & POLITICS: Canada’s Supreme Court rules no prayers before government meetings.

Back in 2011 a man sued  the town of Simoneau in Quebec over the town reciting explicitly Catholic prayers before city council meetings.  He was victorious in his efforts: In 2011, Quebec’s human rights tribunal ordered an end to prayers, demanded that a crucifix in the city council chamber be removed and awarded damages to Simoneau. [Read More...]

FAITH: Leaders booted from the Boy Scouts for their atheism now making a huge difference with Camp Quest.

Camp Quest recently posted an article (that was also picked up by the Rainbow Times) about two of their leaders, Shawn Jeffers and Neil Polzin, who were both barred from participation with the Boy Scouts of America due to their atheism: Camp Quest, a summer camp serving youth from non-religious families, is now led by [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Dog found the best pillow ever.

I want a tubby cat who lets me use it as a pillow: Yesterday was a solid day of progress with my voice students.  Working with my private voice students has been such a fulfilling experience. But most of all it reminds me of how much Pearl, my first voice teacher, taught me. It also [Read More...]

FAITH: Matt Dillahunty in the role of god.

So, I wanted to blog more about the news today, but I’ll be honest: I just spent the last 40 minutes watching one of Matt Dillahunty’s talks from the Unholy Trinity Tour.  He gives this talk from the perspective of god and, holy crap, I laughed throughout: I’m now off to give voice lessons. Maybe [Read More...]

FAITH: Pastor Corey L. Kennard rails on doctors for relying on verifiable facts and clinical data.

Pastor Corey L. Kennard is the Manager of Spiritual Care for the St. John Hospital and Medical Center.  So he works in a hospital, but his degree is a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Ashland Theological Seminary.  In short, he’s not a doctor.  But he has a blog in the New York Times [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Family values in Ireland.

On May 22nd Ireland will vote on whether or not to legalize gay marriage.  This commercial calls on LGBT people and allies to bring their family to the polls: My parents are LGBT rights activists.  I could not be more proud of them for that.  My brother came out, much later than you’d expect someone [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Not so fast, kid.

A thief! View post on Some of the comments on that image are hilarious: And so began the sordid tale of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd… Also, that rooster saw the whole thing and didn’t lift a talon.  I wonder if it’s the rooster from yesterday… Today is voice lessons, so I’ll be cutting [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Indiana has hired a PR firm to rebuild the state’s image.

After trying to make it legal for Christian businesses to discriminate against LGBT clientele went, to put it lightly, poorly, the state has hired a PR firm to help rebuild its image: The state of Indiana has hired a global public relations firm to help rebuild its image in the wake of national criticism that [Read More...]