Baby eater.

The pictures from Skepticon 5 are rolling in.  Some guy named Tom (who is now dead to me) captured this one with Steven Olsen’s son, Marcus. This is not right.  The atheist eats the baby, not the other way around. [Read more...]

Atheism gains a new activist.

I first encountered Courtney about 8 years ago when I was blogging on xanga in between classes.  She was engaged to a particularly obtuse young evangelical (who really took that label seriously) named Gabe.  It was a weekly chore almost to take whatever Gabe and Courtney were saying about the lord and rip it to [Read More...]

More gooey pictures.

I’m still at Skepticon and will be cranking out some blogs throughout the day.  Obviously, the biggest thing on my mind is still that I got engaged (and that she had a momentary lapse of judgment and said yes). The Skepticon team posted this collage to the Skepticon facebook page. There will be video posted [Read More...]

Atheist gamers bein’ all sweet.

The officers of the Guild Wars 2 guild, Godless, had a button made up to thank me for my help in creating a community for them. I love being a part of this movement.  You guys are just the best bunch a guy could ask for.  [Read more...]

Pictures from this morning.

Here are pics from this morning at Skepticon 5 with protesters and others.    Thanks to my brand-spankin’ new fiance for taking them. (Sorry for no alt text, but I’m crunched for time atm.)   [Read more...]

Jessica Ahlquist at Skepticon 5

In theater, it’s easy to tell if you have the audience when doing comedy (hint: they’re laughing a lot).  When doing more serious material, it’s much more difficult.  The way to determine if the audience is engaged is to stop speaking for a moment and listen.  If it’s quiet, if you could hear a pin [Read More...]

Godless guild necklaces!

Two of the officers in the Godless guild in Guild Wars 2 worked with Surly Amy to produce necklaces for guild members. I gots mine! If you paid for one or if you’re one of the loyal gamers who want one, they will be available at 7pm across from the Surlyramics table. [Read more...]

The ring.

Michaelyn and I are not very materialistic.  It’s always more important to us, when giving gifts, to give meaningful gifts rather than expensive gifts.  She didn’t want a diamond.  Once, I gave her a plastic ring with a Jolly Roger out of a quarter machine at the bowling alley and asked her to marry me. [Read More...]

Thoughts on polyamory/marriage at Skepticon 5.

The marriage panel is kind of just pluggin along with the ideas that marriages and relationships are not all governed by standard societal rules (they’re not all monogamous *gasp*).  I’m really wishing they would talk about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of those rules from a rational perspective.  Matt Dillahunty, as usual, is killing it. [Read More...]

So…I’m engaged.

So…at the end of my talk last night I proposed to Michaelyn. Luckily, for me at least, she said yes.  :)  Videos will come shortly.  Leave any congrats for me (or sympathy and protestations of “there’s still time to change your mind” for her) in the comments here.  :) Right now we’re sitting at the [Read More...]