What eating marijuana was like.

So, this last weekend I ate marijuana since I had the opportunity to do it legally.  One can only wonder why when I could easily have woken up the following morning with no memory of having gone on a mass killing spree: Even Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper predicted disaster when Colorado decided to legalize recreational [Read More...]

British Prime Minister David Cameron rebuts the Pope, defends free speech.

I’m not Cameron’s biggest fan (how could I be?  The guy opposes adoption rights for gay couples).  But this was a pretty swell thing for him to say (in response to the Pope’s claims that there are limits to speech before one can expect a violent response): “I think in a free society, there is [Read More...]

Jon Stewart is honest and firm with Mike Huckabee.

Last night Jon Stewart was refreshingly candid with Mike Huckabee.  At the beginning of the interview he flat out tells Huckabee that him running for President is a mistake.  He also doesn’t let Huckabee dance around his sneering at the educated. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show [Read More...]

Liberty Counsel says anti-gay bigots are living MLK Jr.’s legacy.

Matt Staver of the Liberty Counsel said in a press release yesterday that those seeking to discriminate against an entire subset of the population are actually the ones living out Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy: Today, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is being lived out by bakers, photographers, florists, ministers, county clerks, [Read More...]

Father rips into Steve Deace on gay rights.

My hometown paper just printed an article by Steve Deace.  I’ll give you the first bit of it so you can get a sense for the whole thing: This spring, when the Supreme Court hears arguments on the gay marriage cases the justices accepted Friday, it is going to be hearing much more than a [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: gosling says hello.

I’m back home, rested up, and ready to go back to it.  Wheeeeeeee! [Read more...]

Just kidding.

I wound up in Colorado an extra day, so I’m driving back today.  I’ll be back in full swing tomorrow. [Read more...]

I just ingested marijuana.

I’ve been in Colorado enjoying a reunion with some of my best friends from high school.  I decided I couldn’t get out of Colorado without purchasing marijuana. Marijuana is totally not my drug and I’ve hardly ever done it.  I’m all for other people who do, but it just makes me lethargic and cranky.  But [Read More...]

Daily Show on Alabama’s new loopy abortion law.

I love this show.  Here they examine the new law in Alabama that allows the state to utilize funds to appoint a lawyer for fetuses. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: he wants these ducks so bad!

Just give him the damn ducks!   Today is my last day in Colorado.  :(  Tomorrow will be a driving day and then I shall return in full form on Monday (there are some articles I’m still going to post about today). [Read more...]