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Secular Invocation Montage!

Hey everyone, this is Karen Avizur posting from Orlando, Florida! I’ve been working with David Williamson of the CFFC to create a montage of the awesome secular invocations being given, the amount of which has skyrocketed since Greece v. Galloway. The video is going to be shown at the Freethought Florida conference tomorrow, but we [Read More...]

Rare Vintage Photos

Ever since its creation and widespread public availability, photography has preserved our most precious memories. These particular photographs from so many years ago tell a much bigger story, though, because of what they meant. The love you can see in them is just as real as those of heterosexual couples, and I’m proud to live [Read More...]

San Diego Creation Museum

About 3.5 years ago, I went to the San Diego Creation Museum with a few others from Generation Atheist and since I blogged about it then, I wanted to share that hilarious and horrifying experience with all of you!   October 3, 2010   Creation Museum – San Diego So about a week ago, at pharyngula’s prompting, [Read More...]

Generation Atheist

Hello all! This is Karen Avizur coming to you from sunny and way too hot Orlando! I’m the founder and head of Generation Atheist Orlando on Meetup.com (shameless plug), a new group that I founded when I moved back to Florida after being a member of and helping admin GA in Los Angeles (our sister [Read More...]