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Device to help vagina-havers do Kegels

Let’s throw in some sexiness to spice up the blog this Friday evening! There’s a Kickstarter going for the next 38 days to fund a device intended to help people with vaginas strengthen their pelvic floor muscles via Kegel exercises. It’s pretty nifty! They’re calling it the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer, and they’ve currently received [Read More...]

Intro Post: Lux! (with kitty pictures!)

Hello there! My name’s Luxander Pickel (pick-ELLE, not pickle. kthx) and I’m one of the folks helping cover the blog! My blogging career started with a guest post on Teen Skepchick in February 2012, and I wrote there for about a year and a half. For ten months, I also contributed to the LGBT+ sister [Read More...]