Your Morning Happiness: Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nil, Nix, Naught, 0

Using 1 digit, and making conservative use of only 2 letters of the alphabet, I feel the amount of fucks that were given by the stars of these videos is accurately described. Lest I make the same mistake twice… This last vid requires giving a an immense amount of fucks for someone you l0ve, requires [Read More...]

Happiness = Daryl Dixon, and those other people on Walking Dead

30 mins to go for the new season of The Walking Dead! If Daryl dies, I will torch this place like the Atomic Fireballs! Here’s some fun in preparation of the new season!       *Forgive the lack of husky posts, I know that’s all everyone wants to see, but I have to mix [Read More...]

Your Musical Happiness – Faithless

Just got home from Delrey Beach’s version of Oktoberfest. *burp On the ride home, we were playing an old CD (for you young people, you can find CD, VHS and PORN MAGAZINE in the stone tablet dictionary of ole) of electronic music, which we both love and grew up on. It didnt take long to [Read More...]

Happiness – JT Finally Left, Pawrty Time!

While we all wish JT and Michaelyn a “magical” time on their honeymoon, its pawrty time up in this bitch! UNLEASH THE HUSKIES! Who brought the cocaine? 3pm, the “morning” after……   Have a great weekend all! Purple is fashionably this time of year, so there’s that! [Read more...]

Your Evening Husky Indifference: JT’s Happy Dance

JT was happy today. Apparently in his flamboyant celebration he decided to taunt this poor husky.     Im calling animal control. On JT! [Read more...]

Your Evening Hilarity: Russian Furry-Con Gangstas!

While I’m sure most people would never condone violence to solve an argument, much less laugh at it, I hereby challenge you NOT to! Russian dash cams, the gift that keeps on giving!     Dont question its authenticity… just enjoy it. [Read more...]

Birthday Happiness For JT: Bad Joke Husky Edition

Happy Birthday JT! I thought you might need some Husky Puppy love!   And heres a BIG BIRTHDAY HUSKY HUG FOR YOU! Never mind the caption, huskies are elusive and its hard to find fitting photographs!   [Read more...]

Your Morning Happiness: Wedding Edition!

  Thats all folks! [Read more...]

Your Morning Happiness: Social Media Friends!

I’m sure all of have found that social media is powerful tool when it comes to being able to connect with people of similar belief systems. I’ve met a ton of people I could mention, but this one in particular fits the theme here…. I’m pretty sure I came across Molly when Hemant had tweeted [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: Animals With Attitude

  Every pet owner KNOWS their friend til the end has emotion…. they get happy, sad, anxious, and scared just like us humans. One of the theist arguments for god… morality, consists of the premise that ONLY humans have emotion, ONLY humans know what is right or wrong…. or in this case what is fair. [Read More...]