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Your Morning Memphis Happiness- Husky Edition

I’ve been assured the convention in Memphis is going well…. so the location gives me an opportunity to introduce a certain husky from a channel I’ve followed for years…. Memphis Belle… [Read more...]

Your Epic Happiness: Dawkins Reads Hatemail Part 2

I have long awaited for this day…..and it has come (unlike Jesus). Dawkins reads his hate mail. Comedy. Gold. Enjoy!   Part 1 of Dawkins Hate Mail here…under the Husky, [Read more...]

JT & Marijuana, While Wearing Fashionable Pants – The Follow Up

And of course, a hungry Husky who doesnt like to be toyed with! [Read more...]

Your Evening Happiness – Stunning art, and a husky

Nature, gravity (I know thats redundant), and some simple video editing….. This vid was fucking mesmerizing! I now want to try this the next time I’m in a place with lots of rocks!   And some fuzziness is always needed for some smiles! Rock stacking is risky business! Purple [Read more...]

Your Evening Happiness: Husky playing with with her pups!

First, I’ll admit if the Bengals pull out a win against Denver tonight, that would make me happy. Second, had to share this since it was too damn cute and funny. Momma husky teaches pups to play tag, or something… after having cocaine/ 6 red bulls! Purple [Read more...]

Sunday Night Happiness – Daryl Didnt Die

The Walking Dead has gotten into the habit of teasing its viewers with killing off Daryl. It’s come to the point that when Daryl is clipping his fingernails in a concrete bunker with the Spartan army from 300 defending him, the Jaws theme starts playing just to toy with my emotions! There was a bit [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nil, Nix, Naught, 0

Using 1 digit, and making conservative use of only 2 letters of the alphabet, I feel the amount of fucks that were given by the stars of these videos is accurately described. Lest I make the same mistake twice… This last vid requires giving a an immense amount of fucks for someone you l0ve, requires [Read More...]

Happiness = Daryl Dixon, and those other people on Walking Dead

30 mins to go for the new season of The Walking Dead! If Daryl dies, I will torch this place like the Atomic Fireballs! Here’s some fun in preparation of the new season!       *Forgive the lack of husky posts, I know that’s all everyone wants to see, but I have to mix [Read More...]

Your Musical Happiness – Faithless

Just got home from Delrey Beach’s version of Oktoberfest. *burp On the ride home, we were playing an old CD (for you young people, you can find CD, VHS and PORN MAGAZINE in the stone tablet dictionary of ole) of electronic music, which we both love and grew up on. It didnt take long to [Read More...]

Happiness – JT Finally Left, Pawrty Time!

While we all wish JT and Michaelyn a “magical” time on their honeymoon, its pawrty time up in this bitch! UNLEASH THE HUSKIES! Who brought the cocaine? 3pm, the “morning” after……   Have a great weekend all! Purple is fashionably this time of year, so there’s that! [Read more...]