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Online faith-free peer-to-peer grief support? Yeah, we’ve got that — with your help.

Hi, it’s me again, the Grief Lady. It’s my last day as a guest blogger at WWJTD.  On Thursday I wrote about the Grief Library at griefbeyondbelief.org, the new website of secular support network Grief Beyond Belief.  On Friday I kvetched about evangelicals hijacking funerals and mortuary services and plugged the new site’s Grief Resources page.  [Read More...]

Keeping God Out of the Funeral

Almost three years ago, on July 24th, just a month after I founded Grief Beyond Belief on Facebook, I went to a Baptist funeral.  When I returned home after the event, I wrote the following: Is Our Grief So Different? A dear friend of my family died last week, a woman who was a second [Read More...]

250+ Links and No Jesus: The Grief Beyond Belief Library

It’s a problem you don’t think about until you are grieving.  Even if you have been an atheist all your life, unless you have faced grief and gone looking for something to read about how to handle it, it has probably never occurred to you: Much of what is published about bereavement includes religious content. [Read More...]

Just call me the Grievin’ Heathen

JT has asked us to start out by introducing ourselves, which seems like a reasonable request. I’m Rebecca Hensler. If you have heard of me, it is because I started Grief Beyond Belief, the secular support network for anyone grieving without belief in god(s) or an afterlife. You may even know a little of my [Read More...]