Comment Policy

My comment policy is simple: if you’re being an ass, I may or may not take action.  This largely depends on my mood and how big of an ass you are.  I may just delete your comment and give you a slap on the wrist.  I may edit your comment (and will say that this has happened so nobody is confused) to say ridiculous and (hopefully) funny things.  Or I may just apply the ban hammer with extreme prejudice.

In short…

If I think you’re being a big enough jerk to draw fire from Mount JT, then that’s how you will be treated.

You may shriek that I am biased or unfair.  This may be, but you can note that I’ve banned atheists and believers alike (and plenty of believers remain free to post on my blog, and do so regularly).  I do not ban for posting opposing arguments or for negative assessments of my own.  I do ban for derailing threads, general dickish behavior, or attempting to turn my blog into a place to house all the biblical quotes you can find and nothing else.

Appeals can be made by submitting them to

Ultimate point: my judgment rules the day here.  As long as you’re not being shitty, you have nothing to worry about, for I am a benevolent dictator.

tl:dr – here’s my new policy in four words: