Donald Trump is not having a good time.

So yesterday the video was released of Donald Trump advocating just walking up to women and, to use his words, grabbing them by the pussy. This is particularly damning because Trump has sold himself as a straight shooter who won’t play any PC games. Now it’s clear he does have a filter and does present himself as something he’s not. I suspect that will ultimately be more damaging than Trump trying to “fuck” a married woman, or his use of... Read more

Video surfaces of Trump discussing his approach to women: kiss without waiting, and grope them.

A video from 2005 has shown up where Trump forgot he had a microphone on and was caught talking about his approach to women, including Arianne Zucker who he was meeting to shoot a cameo on Days Of Our Lives. The short of it: the Donald kisses them without waiting and has no qualms with “grabbing them by the pussy.” Oh, and it doesn’t matter if they’re married: The hits just keep rolling in. You’ll recall Donald saying that nobody... Read more


Good morning, friends! Warblgarrble

GOP’s official website declares Pence the “clear winner” of the VP debate hours before the debate happens.

Well, this is awkward. So, the Vice Presidential debate is in a couple hours. Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will have at each other for a couple of hours and then, after it’s over, the American people will decide who won. Funny thing: if you run a google search for “gop vice president debate early” the first entry is one from the GOP’s site titled “Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate”: If you click that link it’s now a 404... Read more

This morning the Oklahoma Supreme Court shot down last year’s huge anti-abortion legislation.

In a ruling that may as well have also said, “your legal advisers told you this would get shot down, you did it anyway, our time is valuable so stop wasting it” the Oklahoma Supreme Court this morning threw out Oklahoma’s anti-abortion bill, SB 642, from last year: In a unanimous opinion handed down Tuesday, all nine justices agreed that the statute adopted by the Legislature last year “contains different and unrelated purposes” in violation of the Oklahoma constitution’s requirement... Read more

Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week will probably hurt Mike Pence in tonight’s VP debate.

So, to put it mildly, Trump’s not had the best of weeks: From Trump’s late night tweet urging people to look up a sex tape to leaked tax records that show Trump lost $916 million in 1995, Trump’s not having a good time. And, if Tim Kaine is smart, those issues will become Mike Pence’s problems tonight. Kaine needs to put Pence on the defensive on everything Trump has done this last week. Trump selling himself on what a great businessman... Read more

MORNING HAPPINESS: Bunny nose in hyperdrive.

Top of the morning! There’s a VP debate tonight! Make your beer runs! Double dose of bun

BREAKING: NY AG has sent Trump Foundation a cease and desist letter for operating without proper certification.

Well this is interesting… #BREAKING NY AG sends Cease and Desist to Trump Foundation for operating without proper certification. — Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) October 3, 2016

Phil Robertson: secularism leads to Islamists.

Oh, Phil Robertson… “When you remove God, and allow humans to determine right, wrong, good, evil, and what one’s life is worth; you leave that up to human beings, and you have the Romans, the Greeks, you have Adolf Hitler, Hirohito, Josef Stalin, and this latest crop that’s come our way, the Islamists,” Robertson told TheDC. First, Adolph Hitler was a Catholic. Second, why doesn’t Christianity get to eat the blame for the Torquemadas of humanity’s past? Third, you think... Read more

John Oliver rips Sean Hannity over online polls saying Trump won the first debate.

Recall that Sean Hannity’s explanation for his unjournalistic behavior is that he’s “not a journalist” in his own words.