Live for the (nerd) swarm!

It’s official:  I will be speaking at Dragon*Con in September!  I even get heroic, medieval lettering for my name! Even better: I will get to make the journey to the Kingdom of Atlanta with a fellowship from the Secular Student Alliance!  I’m thinking I can be the unlikely bard thrust into the plot (I’m always a bard!), our Communications Director, Jesse Galef can be our mage/diplomat, Assistant Campus Organizer, Nick Stancato can be our warrior, and Development Director, Ashley Paramore… Read more

National Day of Prayer

I’ll be honest.  To me, prayer in general seems pretty masturbatory, especially when compared to people, y’know, doing things.  So I popped over to the NDOP web site to see how others perceive the day. It opens with a Thomas Jefferson quote, which I thought was pretty ironic. “Fasting and prayer are religious exercises; the enjoining them an act of discipline. Every religious society has a right to determine for itself the time for these exercises, and the objects proper… Read more

Non-believer, don't be afraid

Heard this song on the way to the American Atheists convention a couple weeks ago (courtesy of SSA Executive Director, August Brunsman).  It’s pretty much been stuck in my head ever since. Read more

Kick off my shoes and immediately go to war!

Ah, my new home! Before I get around to rearranging the furniture and what not, I need to get a thank you out to the architect.  Enormous thanks to Katie Hartman for putting together the design for this site, since I’m about the most technically inept person on Earth.  Katie is one of the organizers of Skepticon 4 and has recently been elected to the board of directors of the Secular Student Alliance.  You can meet Katie prematurely at Reasonfest… Read more

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