Your Evening Happiness: Husky playing with with her pups!

First, I’ll admit if the Bengals pull out a win against Denver tonight, that would make me happy. Second, had to share this since it was too damn cute and funny. Momma husky teaches pups to play tag, or something… after having cocaine/ 6 red bulls! Purple [Read more...]

More answers to trans questions.

A few days ago I allowed Stephanie Guttormson to field more questions on various aspects of being transgender.  Here are the results, via Stephanie. A few days ago, JT was gracious enough to indulge me again and have questions submitted to me by his wonderful readers.  I wanted to give people the opportunity to ask [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann says she defeated progressives by outsmarting them.

I will miss Michele Bachmann.  She provided to much content for this blog.  But now, I find that her persona, that of a thoroughly inept loon, was all just a clever facade.  She claimed last week she defeated progressives by abusing gerrymandering outsmarting them: Bachmann said she uses “evidence-based arguments” against liberals who are only able to [Read More...]

Want to see what it’s like to be persecuted by your neighbors? Put up an innocuous atheist display.

The FFRF recently talked in an article about the frequency with which their pro-separation of church/state billboards and other displays are vandalized: Atheist decorations also have become a target for destruction after their addition to some public forums in recent years as a counter-argument to menorahs and creches, a Wisconsin-based secularist group has said. “It’s [Read More...]

Comment Roundup: Caring whether answers are actually true

As occasionally happens, a commenter pops in with discussion that I feel warrants breaking off into an official channel. In this case, Verbose Stoic addresses the contention that accepting religious answers, without validating them, means a person doesn’t care whether those answers are actually true. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: a white Christmas.

I hope we get one. [Read more...]

Another damn fine holiday card.

I may actually print this out and send it to people: [Read more...]

SCOTUS refuses to place stay on Florida marriage decision. Same-sex marriages to commence in early January.

Florida’s Republican Attorney General, Pam Bondi (who has been divorced twice, but who opposes same-sex marriage on the grounds it will threaten family stability), has been working extremely hard to stall and stop the various rulings that have paved the way for same-sex marriage in Florida.  She has vowed to fight it til the bitter [Read More...]

Please send better theists

I recently wrote an article about why I find Apologetics uncompelling, and I thought I was fairly honest and frank about it. Then, we were visited by a real life psychic – a kind of crappy one. [Read more...]

I nominate Dan Arel for Secularist of the Year.

The National Secular Society is taking nominations for its Secularist of the Year Award.  If you define secularism as keeping religion and government apart, I can think of no individual who’s done more work on that end than Dan Arel.  He’s monitored Ken Ham and been the key figure, in my eye, of keeping taxpayer [Read More...]

Ask Stephanie Guttormson anonymous questions about all things transgender.

Here’s another guest post from Stephanie Guttormson, the Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation and a transgender woman. Hey all you WWJTDers out there.  As you may recall I did a Q&A here fielding questions about transgender issues shortly after Danielle Muscato came out.  I genuinely enjoyed all the questions that were asked and [Read More...]

Politician speaking at menorah-lighting ceremony: “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

A city councilor in Springfield, Massachusetts recently put his foot in his mouth while speaking at a menorah-lighting ceremony for a local Jewish group.  It seems his Jewish constituents needed to know that Jesus is the reason for the season… Bud Williams, city councilor in Springfield, Mass., stood in the court square earlier this week and participated [Read More...]

Fire department in Utica, NY puts “We love Jesus” sign on the town’s firehouse.

The fire department of Utica, NY has put a sign saying “We love Jesus” outside the fire department.  “We” apparently doesn’t include the taxpayers who aren’t Christian.  Look how great Christianity is for community building! According to reports, Utica Fire Department Station 4 decided to display a sign outside of its building which reads, “HAPPY [Read More...]

AHA files FOIA request with my hometown over courthouse discrimination.

Update in the nativity scene controversy in my hometown (here’s what happened last year,).  Now they’ve pulled some attempts at sneaky tricks (I say attempts, because they actually put the county in greater legal trouble than they were already in) like renting the space on the courthouse lawn to a private citizen for $1 so [Read More...]