Survivor of Taliban assassination attempt returns to school.

Malala Yousafzai has returned to school, this time in progressive England rather than fundamentalist Muslim Pakistan.  Good for her.  Nice to see a fifteen year-old with more bravery than most adults I know.  The future is indeed bright. Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head by extremists in Pakistan after campaigning for [Read More...]

North Carolina church takes a stand for gay marriage. Cool, but shouldn’t get Christians off the hook.

A North Carolina church has declared they will not perform any marriages until the state recognizes same-sex marriage. A church in Winston-Salem has decided not to allow marriages of any kind until their denomination and the state of North Carolina allow same sex marriages. Members of the Leadership Council of Green Street United Methodist Church [Read More...]

New pope failed to expunge child rapists.

Quick hit post #2: with 70% of Catholics saying that dealing with the child abuse scandal is the most important thing on the new pope’s plate, stories are beginning to surface that Bergoglio didn’t exactly meet the minimum standard before becoming pope. Father Julio Cesar Grassi was a celebrity in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. [Read More...]

There will never be more irony than this.

You know how “absolute zero” is the temperature at which it can’t get any colder?  This is absolute irony. I give you Pat Robertson warning people against religious scams. [Read more...]

Open NCAA thread!

For all you heathens watching the NCAA tournament, here’s where you can hang out and talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be in tonight after Michaelyn and I return to Lawrence.  [Read more...]

New director of faith-based and neighborhood partnerships <3s separation of church and state.

I’m still in the middle of Kansas visiting Michaelyn’s family.  Right now I’ve managed to sneak away from the six year-olds (who are too big to fit into an oven) to catch up on a bit of the news and what not.  So posts today are going to be of the quick hit variety.  I’ll [Read More...]

Fun things tonight!

If you want to fill out an NCAA bracket with a bunch of atheists, today is your last day to get it in!  Gotta hurry before the games start! Also, don’t forget that League of Legends ranked team tryouts are tonight at 9pm! I think I’m going to start putting more effort into promoting the [Read More...]

Law and Secularism – The Week in Review

Religious Freedoms Last week we reported on the Kansas City Atheist Coalition being denied permission to participate in its city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade because of their lack of religious belief. No other non-Catholic or secular groups were prohibited. The KC Atheists went to the parade anyway, holding signs that protested the discrimination and [Read More...]

Atheist League of Legends team tryouts.

Wow!  A lot of responses to the idea of a ranked atheist LoL team.  So, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m free Thursday night, so let’s shoot for, say, 9pm EDT/6pm PDT?  If you can’t make it, no big.  The goal of this team is not necessarily to win, it’s to have fun.  In fact, [Read More...]

League of Legends ranked team for atheists?

If I were to assemble a ranked League of Legends atheist team that practiced regularly, would anybody want in? [Read more...]

Worst safe word since “more”.

I’m in St. Louis today after my talk last night visiting friends, so posting will be light.  Tomorrow Michaelyn and I are driving six hours to spend some time with her family, so posting will be light tomorrow. However, Michaelyn did show me this and I felt I’d pass it along.  Glad I already asked [Read More...]

National Atheist Party Holds Inaugural Convention in San Francisco

Focus on secular values, history of religion in the U.S., and moving forward within the current religio-political climate. With much fanfare, the National Atheist Party (NAP) held its inaugural convention, NAPCON2013, Saturday, March 9 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. More than simply a gathering of those with similar secular ideals, it challenged its [Read More...]

Cardinal asserts that child raping priests shouldn’t be punished.

I give up on satire for the rest of my life.  I couldn’t even make this shit up. “If I – as a normal being – choose to break the law, knowing that I’m breaking the law, then I think I need to be punished.” He said he knew at least two priests, who became [Read More...]

Another company that sucks: Jimmy John’s.

Man, it’s going to pain me to give up Jimmy John’s, but it’s the thing to do. A CEO who has publicly railed against the cost of providing health insurance to his employees has donated tens of thousands of dollars to a private health care clinic in his Florida community. In an interview with Fox [Read More...]