“Spontaneous” baptisms.

So church attendance is declining and, along with it, the number of baptisms.  So what is a megachurch pastor to do?  Certainly not tell the truth.  No, the congregation needs to believe that god is making sure things are going well.  So when things aren’t going well, people’s faith might start to decline…unless you lie. [Read More...]

A great dilemma involving Katy Perry.

I don’t like Katy Perry’s music.  I used to be wishy washing on Perry herself before she emerged as an LGBT rights activist whose own spiritual beliefs are closer to functional atheism than to the beliefs of her two Pentecostal parents.  Good on her. Still, if you’ve heard Perry live she’s…not as good as on [Read More...]

Al Melvin goes on Anderson Cooper to defend anti-gay bill in Arizona. Rehearsed talking points ensue.

I don’t think Al Melvin is qualified to make french fries, but he’s running for governor of Arizona. The man can’t answer (or won’t answer) Cooper’s questions, lies about the impetus for the bill, embarrasses himself by not getting that his bill would apply to religions other than his, and then sits there with a [Read More...]

My appearance on the Skeptic Money podcast.

Last week I waltzed by Phil Ferguson’s podcast to talk about money, atheism, and whatever else crossed our minds. Podcast: Play in new window | Download [Read more...]

On calling religion a mental illness.

The big topic around the atheist blogosphere the last couple of days is whether or not religion should be called a mental illness.  To spare you wondering where I stand, I’ll just lead off by saying that I don’t think it is even if at times religion is scarcely distinguishable from mental illness. There are [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: two day-old lamb.

It’s so happy to be alive! [Read more...]

Legit sick day.

Sleep, hot apple cider, ibuprofen, and more sleep. You guys defeat religion by the time I wake up, ok? [Read more...]

Dad’s email to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

Father sent this email to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce this morning. Please pass this along to your governor. We are planning a trip West this fall. If your governor signs the “discriminate against gays” bill currently on her desk, we will drive around Arizona, no matter how many miles it may add to the [Read More...]

A good day for gay acceptance in sports.

Before I crawl back to bed, I’ll leave you all with some feel good stories from the world of sports.  First, Jason Collins has become the first openly gay person to compete in America’s four major sports.  He has been signed to the Brooklyn Nets: The Brooklyn Nets on Feb. 23 signed Jason Collins to a 10-day [Read More...]

Teen dies at the hands of Islamic priest performing an exorcism.

A Palestinian teen has died while an Islamic priest attempted to exorcise demons from the girl. Israa Zourob, 17, died at the hands of one of these “therapists” on Feb. 2 in front of her parents and brother. Abu Khalil al-Zamili forced her to drink a liter of water mixed with half a kilogram of [Read More...]

Notre Dame fails in court to get exception to the contraception mandate in the ACA.

Notre Dame doesn’t want to abide by the law because their religion says they shouldn’t.  They took it to court and lost.  They recently appealed and they lost again. A federal appeals court on Friday ruled against the University of Notre Dame in a case over parts of the federal health care law that forces [Read More...]

George Takei sends a missive to the state of Arizona.

Arizona recently passed a bill that allowed public businesses to discriminate against LGBT people so long as they do it for religious reasons (because discrimination suddenly becomes ok as long as Jesus told you to).  George Takei just sent an open letter to Gov. Jan Brewer that hits the nail squarely on the head with [Read More...]

Morning happiness: Ibuprofen.

So sick.  Head such hurt.  Might have to amputate. Jesus doesn’t get to be called a savior until he’s done more for humanity than Ibuprofen (or other drugs). Will post some quick things and then go back to sleeping all day. Ways to not deal with sickness: praying to a being who supposedly invented sickness [Read More...]

Woman stabs her mother because she was the anti-Christ.

This week on “Insane or Religious?” features Katie Nichols who stabbed her mother because she was the anti-Christ. The suspect Katie Nichols came up to a reporter and admitted she had to kill her mother because her mother was the ringleader of a satanic cult- and was trying to kill her granddaughter. “The satanic cult [Read More...]