Majority of Americans would support nationwide law recognizing marriage equality.

Thanks to Gallup, we now know that 52% of Americans would vote for a law that legalized gay marriage across the United States. W00t!  The people serving as a fleshy anchor to progress are the same people you’d expect: those who attend church weekly, Republicans, etc.  There is one surprise though: 60% of self-proclaimed Catholics [Read More...]

Naval Academy denies the use of publicly funded chapel for non-Christian wedding.

Oh United States Naval Academy…you done goofed. U.S. Naval Academy administrators have denied a request from a recent graduate to hold his planned humanist wedding in the academy’s chapel, declaring that the chapel is only to be used for Christian ceremonies. Wrong answer, Naval Academy. The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a [Read More...]

Do Catholics have better or more natural sex?

No.  But you’d never guess that from reading the insufferably smug Mark Shea: Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Says US News and World Report in a story that mentions fellow Patheosi Greg Popcak. This seems like a big huge “Duh!” to me since devout Catholics also tend to insist that sex is a sacramental union [Read More...]

Pope Francis reached out to gays kinda sorta not really.

The internet is abuzz with a quote from Pope Francis: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis asked. And I can’t figure out why secular folk are celebrating.  Maybe we’re so used to complete and utter loathing of homosexuals by the Catholic [Read More...]

I’m home.

For a while in college I had post-it notes on my mirror each containing a question to which the answer was always in flux. “Who are you?” “Where are you going?” “Where is home?” The last one never changed.  Home to me was always my parents’ house.  This was true whether I lived in Springfield, [Read More...]

Breaking News: Corporations Are Not Always People

You may remember that a month ago, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a laboriously-reasoned opinion saying that Hobby Lobby’s owners could forcibly impose their religion on employees and opt out of certain contraceptive-providing provisions of a mandated government health benefits program, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Today, the Third Circuit [Read More...]

Help make Shit Zombies Say: the book a reality.

I’m moving and dealing with everything going wrong with that, but because it’s time-sensitive I did want to step in briefly to point everybody at the Shit Zombies Say kickstarter. The people who run the site that employs me to write zombie columns are producing a book that I’ll have some authorship credit for (how [Read More...]

Montgomery Co., PA’s Novel Approach to Same-Sex Marriage

After the Doma and Prop 8 cases were handed down last month, lawyers all over the country and civil rights organizations like the ACLU got busy. Challenges to state constitutional amendments, and to laws denying recognition of same sex marriages performed elsewhere, have already been filed in many places, and petitions are circling to get measures [Read More...]

Creationism Loses Public Popularity

Just when we start to think the regressive policies of red states mean the battle is becoming harder, the secular movement gets more proof that what we’re doing really does matter. A poll of 1,000 people conducted by the Internet-based market research firm YouGov earlier this month indicates that since 2004, the level of public acceptance of creationism [Read More...]

Using Tax Money to Rebuild Churches

On July 10, two senators introduced Senate Bill 1274, which would add religious buildings to the list of nonprofit facilities eligible to receive federal disaster relief aid after catastrophic events like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. The Senate bill and its House counterpart, H. R. 592, address aid to nonprofit facilities damaged in Hurricane Sandy in [Read More...]

Obamacare confession.

This is my father’s facebook status from last night: The hammer has dropped. The sky has fallen. I have been a staunch defender of the ACA. I have defended Nancy Pelosi’s much maligned (and taken out of context by the right) statement to pass it so we would know what was in it. Well. Today, [Read More...]

Packing today and the bittersweet that comes with it.

Today I’m packing all my stuff for my big move on Friday to Kansas (so no posting).  The battery is also dead in my car (just in the nick of time, eh?), so I have to traipse down to the mechanic, get a new one, and replace it all by my growed up self. I’m [Read More...]

Cheer up post: bro gaming.

I’ve been saving these two to post over at the Secular View, but today’s posting has been really depressing so I’m going to drop them off here to lighten the mood. First, bro team is one of my favorite (satirical) online game review channels.  Here’s their review of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.  (Beware, [Read More...]

Can’t let a gay couple stay at his bed and breakfast. His would-be mistress on the other hand…

Last year a British couple who own a bed and breakfast refused to rent a room to a gay couple.  The gay couple sued and Mike Wilkinson and his wife, the owners of the B&B, lost the case despite what they surely thought was a compelling reason for denying the gay couple: “For us, sex [Read More...]