Louisiana lawmaker pushing to make the bible the state’s official book cancels that campaign.

Good news out of Louisiana (boy, have I waited a long time to say that)!  The state congressman who was pushing to have the bible adopted as the state book (Thomas Carmody, Republica, surprise, surprise…) is scrapping those plans: A Shreveport lawmaker said Monday he’s scrapping his proposal to name the Bible as Louisiana’s official [Read More...]

Doing it for the same reason as his parents…

…because some arbitrary authority figure told him to and no questions were asked. Behold: Christianity practiced by adults in much the same vein as a toddler. Can’t frighten grown adults with ludicrous threats of hell?  I’ll bet it’ll work on our own child though.  Family values, man. [Read more...]

A pair of atheists need our help.

Two readers of the blog have reached out to me to ask for assistance.  Both are good peeps and both are in a bit of a shitty situation.  The first is Rich: As you know, I have had asthma for years. That’s why when I was singing ‘White & Nerdy’ at karaoke I had to [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: <3

Subliminal message.  :) [Read more...]

Matt Barber has caught us trying to destroy free speech, criminalize Christianity, and opposing natural sexuality.

I had no idea how dastardly I, as part of the political left, actually was.  But then I came across this article from Matt Barber on townhall.com, a bastion of even-handed analysis, and discovered just how big a threat I and my ilk are to the very concept of freedom. Just look at how the [Read More...]

Senator Bob Corker: “The wisest thing Assad did was slaughter 1,200 people.”

Imagine for a moment I had a vendetta against the GOP (and all that is good in the world, like apple pie) for whatever evil reason instead of my actual motivation of just not liking bad/malicious decisions in politics.  I would wake up in the morning and think to myself “What kind of quote could [Read More...]

My first WWJTD youtube video: The Cursed Hunger for Gold.

So I’ve decided to do a daily vlog, just to test the waters.  Don’t worry, the blog here won’t see a reduction in content. Anyway, here’s the first episode.  :) Feel free to give me pointers.  I have no clue how to do the youtube thing, so I’m mostly just pointing a camera at my [Read More...]

Senator doing a video on train safety almost hit by a speeding train.

Meet Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who was filming a PSA on train safety.  Right after the line “Safety is paramount” a train comes whizzing by, blowing over the senator’s poster board and easel. Like a preacher giving a lecture on the dangers of being irrational. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: surprise snuggle!

I’m back from American Atheists.  It was a very well-run conference.  I got to meet Jaclyn Glenn who was an absolute sweetheart (and hilarious).  I also got to meet Maryam Namazie.  For a woman who has been through so much I expected her to be a little hard and/or bitter.  She was neither.  She was [Read More...]

Another religious predator.

I was grabbing dinner at Carl’s Jr. this evening.  At the table next to me a graduate student at BYU was telling an older man how he was pursuing a degree in psychology to better reach people for Jesus. Preying on the sick under the guise of altruism.  You’ve pretty much just summed up the [Read More...]

Just finished the debate workshop at #AAcon14.

Just finished doing the debate workshop with Matt Dillahunty (Jamila Bey’s plane was delayed so she missed most of it).  It was fun.  Doing gigs with Matt always is. The room was packed.  Matt and I carried our chairs into the audience for people but there were still lots who had to stand.  How…surreal.  I [Read More...]

Great way to start the weekend.

Stephanie Guttormson, my old friend and Operations Director at the RDF, just happened to be on the same flight into SLC.  Swank.  Someone even swapped me seats so I could sit next to her. So we get to the hotel and the guy who gets our luggage could not look more like a Mormon.  Skinny, [Read More...]

Your morning grumble.

Why does the morning have to be so early? Why does sleeping in an empty bed away from my pineapple upside down cake (read: fiancee) have to suck so hard? Why does the TSA have to be so grumpy (probably because they were up earlier than I)? Why does airport food have to cost so [Read More...]

Come find me at the American Atheists conference (and a thank you for readers).

I was worried about my traffic (read: my income) this month.  I had to take three days off for Reasonfest (and was light blogging in the week leading up to it).  I’m going to be gone Wednesday – Saturday to speak at the American Atheists conference in Salt Lake City.  I knew I’d have less [Read More...]