Secular Student Alliance sent me a wedding gift.

What’s this?  A box from the Secular Student Alliance with a card attached waiting on us when we got home? It’s a Shake Weight!  Thanks SSA!  :D  Michaelyn was really excited: I feel like our marriage just gained a level.  We’ll be fit as fiddles in no time!  On a side note, word on the [Read More...]

Coming to Ohio for my next speaking gig.

Hey all!  My next speaking gig will be in Ohio here in a couple of weeks (on the 20th of July, to be exact).  I’ll be giving a talk at the Mid Ohio Atheists annual picnic, which is always a load of fun.  Here are the deets as provided by Marisa Hills. Date: Sunday, July [Read More...]

So the GOP is suing the President for…something.

Last October the GOP orchestrated a shutdown of the United States government because it didn’t get its way in Congress when playing fair and square.  So they attempted a bit of political theater by saying “Do it our way or we’ll make sure America pays the price.”  Thankfully their little game of taking America hostage [Read More...]

GOP candidate who supports abstinence-only learns it doesn’t work the hard way.

Meet Bill Cassidy: Cassidy is a state Congressmen from Louisiana and is the leading contender challenging Democratic incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu.  In 2013 he co-sponsored the Abstinence-Only Reallocation Act which would award school’s state money for abstinence-only education programs.  He has also consistently railed against the ACA’s contraceptive mandate.  So it will come as no [Read More...]

The Hobby Lobby ruling gets worse and worse.

Immediately after the SCOTUS ruling on Hobby Lobby other religious organizations decided to see what laws they could get exempt from on religious grounds.  First up is non-discrimination laws: Fourteen prominent faith leaders — including some of President Obama’s closest advisers — want the White House to create a religious exemption from his planned executive [Read More...]

People can just be wrong.

I’ve had something on my mind lately, but wanted to wait until I was back home in my office to write about it. More often than not when people get into arguments over politics and/or religion, it seems that few can entertain the idea that their opponent is just wrong.  I frequently see more emphasis [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: puppy love.

I’m back in Kansas!  I’m back at my desk!  It turns out that the world didn’t get less crazy while I was off getting married. Anywho, it feels good to be back home and to get back into a normal schedule.  Let’s start with some happiness before the flood of anger-inducing news: [Read more...]

Homeward bound.

What a crazy month it’s been.  I got married and got to spend so much time with my family (which included a night of no sleep on the fourth…worth it!). Michaelyn and I are about to set off for Kansas to sleep in our own bed tonight.  I’ll miss my childhood home and my family, [Read More...]

Pope Fluffy: if you don’t have kids you’ll be bitter and lonely.

I’ve never wanted kids.  Michaelyn has had to beg and give hours upon hours of the pleading wife eyes to get me to consent to having one.  I feel no guilt about not wanting to have a child.  After all, plenty of studies have shown that people without children are happier.  The most recent study [Read More...]

Women being allowed to compete in Finnish Hearthstone tournament!

Here’s a bit of good news from the gaming world.  The Assembly Summer 2014 tournament is a pretty big deal in the gaming world, specifically for Blizzard’s new digital card game Hearthstone.  The winner earns a spot at the world championships in Korea.  But there’s a problem: women wouldn’t be allowed to compete. “Your information [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer compares Planned Parenthood to Nazi Germany.

I recently created a new list on my twitter feed: The list contains such winners as Erick Erickson, Matt Barber, Bryan Fischer, and more.  It’s painful.  It’s so painful.  It’s like getting an IV of wrong stabbed straight into my eyeballs.  It’s like purposefully launching myself into a misinformation vacuum where facts are not allowed [Read More...]

Why I Feel Left Out in My Own Party

My name is Daniel Moran. I am the stepfather of an eleven-year-old girl who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. I am a student at the University of North Texas, majoring in Political Science, specializing in Constitutional Law, and currently enrolled in the Pre-Law program. I am the founder of the Secular Student Alliance at UNT [Read More...]

Reproductive Justice Fight!

Steven here… So with everyone’s mind on the birth control ruling from SCOTUS, it is only fitting that we think of as many ways to combat the fallout from such a ruling as we can. Luckily, the Secular Shethinkers are already on this one. Are you so mad at the recent SCOTUS rulings that you [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: the best headline you will ever see.

I think Michaelyn and I will be wending our way back to Kansas on Saturday/Sunday.  I’ll miss my family and my childhood home, but I’ll be happy to be back in our apartment and to get back on a regular schedule.  I’ll also be picking up a pack of high school level voice students after [Read More...]