Polish priest, in part, blames the victims of child-raping priests.

So this happened: Archbishop Jozef Michalik, head of Poland’s influential Episcopate, was commenting this month on revelations about Polish pedophile priests. A child from a troubled family, Michalik told reporters, “seeks closeness with others and may get lost and may get the other person involved, too.” Yes, because each one of the multitude of victims [Read More...]

Study finds religious people more likely to lie for financial gain.

In a study that wasn’t just a cursory glance at megapastors or the Catholic Church, researchers have found that those who claim religion is very important in their lives are more likely to lie for financial gain. What’s new in this study by University of Regina economist Jason Childs is its breakdown of the personality traits of [Read More...]

I condemn the atheist who assaulted the preacher.

A few years ago there was a joke circulating that I heard from a few different religious people (and saw reposted on facebook quite a bit): A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: cuteness dump.

Found a lot of adorable this morning.  Here it is in all its glory: [Read more...]

Rick Scarborough wants to bring a lawsuit against homosexuality.

This is the most asinine and poorly argued bit of douchebaggery I’ve read in a while.  Rick Scarborough wants to bring a class action suit against homosexuality.  Not homosexuals, homosexuality.  He wants to sue a character trait.  Great idea!  I’ll be the next in line to sue music that’s too fucking loud.  The judge definitely [Read More...]

All new Theoretical BS! Also, William Lane Craig warns against material that may cause you to change your mind.

Scott Clifton has returned to once again dismantle William Lane Craig’s defenses of his Cosmological Argument. Just wait until the Atheist Killa gets a hold of this.  Then it’s on. After watching Scott Clifton’s newest video, the A-Unicornist went and checked out WLC’s site (the ironically named ReasonableFaith.org) where WLC had just cautioned Christians about [Read More...]

Robertson: Humanism leads to Nazis and guillotines.

I’ve met humanists.  They tend to concern themselves primarily with what makes humanity flourish to the greatest extent.  To Pat Robertson, if god isn’t telling us not to kill one another, the only logical thing to do is to implement an orgy of death. Focus on the irony for a moment: if we don’t believe [Read More...]

Girl scout cookies are the devil. Buy them.

And they’re not the devil just because they’ll go straight to your ass.  No, they’re actually a conduit for your “In God We Trust” paper to wind up straight in the hands of evil (read: people who think women can be independent and happy).  Listen to the hosts of Generations Radio, Kevin Swanson and Dave [Read More...]

Things are looking up in Texas.

There are a couple good stories out of Texas.  First, a Texas judge who was elected as a Republican is running for election, this time as a Democrat.  He explained his reasoning in a video: Some of the highlights include: “Rational Republican beliefs have given way to ideological character assassination.  Pragmatism and principle have been [Read More...]

Sally Kohn writes in support of the Affordable Care Act on Fox News.

Things are getting serious for the Tea Party when Fox News posts articles in support of Obamacare.  Sally Kohn writes about her experience signing up for the ACA: This option will cost my family $931 per month — $408 per year less than my previous crappy plan and a $5,000 savings in deductibles. A big [Read More...]

Mayor of Newark brands god’s will as an unworthy reason to stop gay marriage.

Cory Booker is the mayor of Newark and he’s totally down with equality for the LGBT folk.  So much so that he presided over New Jersey’s first gay wedding.  But, wouldn’t you know it, some Christian who thinks the private lives of others is his business decided to interrupt by screaming “this is unlawful in [Read More...]

New comment policy.

Behold!  There is a new tab atop my blog shining like a beacon of dread to all those who would dare to submit their opinions.  Click on that tab to see my new comment policy.  It is short, simple, to the point, and denies any shitty people the outlet of rules-lawyering in order to prolong [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: riding dirty.

I’m back in the world of the living!  It was a great time in Charleston.  I’m on the ground for today and tomorrow and then Thursday I’m off to Minnesota to give the mental illness talk. Gonna be sort of a light day today.  I’m exhausted (and have three days worth of news to catch [Read More...]

Update from the road: I found some zombies.

Went to a corn maze/hay ride hangout with some local atheists last night here in Charleston.  I found some zombies. I went for breakfast this morning and someone took the elevator from the 1st floor to the 2nd, and then from the 4th floor to the 5th.  American exceptionalism on full display. My talk is [Read More...]