Today: Kansas City to Mountain Home.

Today the pre-wedding tour continues as Michaelyn and I venture from Kansas City to Mountain Home where we will stay until we are wed.  O.o I feel like a kid…I’m a pretty laid back person.  I’m very much in the “being married won’t change a thing” camp.  I don’t need any pomp or ceremony, just [Read More...]

House “science” committee prohibits military from taking climate change into account.

The House science committee, which is chaired and run by a group of Republicans who are decidedly anti-science, has pulled a North Carolina and said the military can’t research or acknowledge climate change. The notoriously anti-science House Science Committee has hit a new low, voting on Thursday to approve a spending bill amendment that “would prohibit defense spending [Read More...]

White House inadvertently reveals the identity of top CIA agent in the most face-palmingly way possible.

A list of people being briefed by Barack Obama when he visits Kabul was created.  This list accidentally contained the name of our top spy in the country who, if his identity were compromised, could put him and his family in danger. That list was then sent to reporters. The CIA’s top officer in Kabul [Read More...]

Church leaders blame drag queen for flooding in the Balkans.

It was the cynical Rahm Emanuel who once said “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Nobody heeded his call to use the crisis of others to empower yourselves like religious leaders in the wake [Read More...]

Sumo power and atheist community building at its finest!

This weekend consisted of visiting Michaelyn’s family and going to Dr. Darrel Ray’s annual Memorial Day picnic.  First I want to talk about the picnic.  I’m often asked what people can do for atheism if they’re not debaters by nature.  I always respond is that you can work to make a welcoming, fun place for [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: hug pounce!

Morning all!  Michaelyn and I have decided to stick around for one more day before making the jaunt to Arkansas.  We wanted to give me another day to rest (though I’m feeling much better today, save for my awe that a human body can produce this much snot) and to see friends since we’ll be [Read More...]

Ted Cruz: Democrats want to repeal the first amendment.

Ugh, I know I said no posts today, but this is just too stupid to sit on. When Sen. Ted Cruz told the conservative pastors gathered at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall conference yesterday that “the Senate Democrats are going to be voting on a constitutional amendment to repeal the First Amendment,” [Read More...]

I lurve you guys.

Hey all.  I’m still in Augusta, KS chilling with Michaelyn’s father and step-mom.  I’ve also come down with the plague she had last week, so I’m going to spend today resting and holding court with Michaelyn’s family when I can. But I wanted to thank you.  Last night the blog hit its average traffic for [Read More...]

Oklahoma to pay $300,000 in attorney fees for banning Sharia Law.

Back in 2010 Oklahoma passed a resolution preemptively banning Sharia Law…because apparently this was a worry in Oklahoma.  The politicians loved it: it was a chance for them to make hay with the state’s oodles of right wing Christian voters who, despite being the overwhelming majority, are convinced they are under constant attack.  Essentially Christianity [Read More...]

Eight year-old paleontology enthusiast defeats creationist lawmakers, get South Carolina a state fossil.

A while back a plucky, clever eight year-old in South Carolina noted that the state was one of ten that did not have a state fossil.  With the help of some of her representatives, a bill was submitted on her behalf that would make the Columbian mammoth the state fossil.  The bill, however, ran into [Read More...]

Iowa government giving financial assistance to the construction of a Christian park.

A Christian group in Iowa is constructing a Christian park and walkway on land they own.  It’s going to look about how you’d expect from a group whose sole purpose is to promote their religion: In response to the “rise of secular influence in our culture,” the park brochure states, Shepherd’s Garden seeks to create “a permanent Christian [Read More...]

Same-sex marriage bans on shaky ground in all but two states.

You know times are good when days in which a same-sex ban in some state doesn’t come down feel like odd days out.  At the clip those bans have been coming down lately there’s hardly time to savor the over-the-top outrage of those claiming to be humanity’s moral bastions.  Some of us have worked damn [Read More...]

Why do people vote for representatives who promise to hose them?

Good morning everybody.  I’m safe and sound in the thriving metropolis of Augusta, KS (I saw their stop light yesterday, they’re very proud of that).  Today will be a day of hanging out with the future in-laws and convincing them that their future son-in-law is one hip cat.  Content will be light again, but I’ll [Read More...]

Sandy Rios: Michael Sam’s kiss could brainwash kids.

It takes a tremendous lack of self-awareness for somebody who’s a huge fan of childhood indoctrination to complain about kids being brainwashed.  But that’s exactly what Sandy Rios did the other day: Sandy Rios of the American Family Association once again brought up Michael Sam’s kiss on her anti-gay radio show this week in order to warn [Read More...]