Surprise, surprise, 30 million people didn’t show up for Operation American Spring.

Hyper conservative rallies in DC haven’t lived up to the hype as of late.  Remember the time that thousands of ex-gay activists were going to send a message to Washington? “Thousands.” Or the time “thousands” were going to bombard the Capitol in an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act? Yes, thousands…and one lady on the right [Read More...]

Father and Abbot Kaplan team up on anti-marriage woman back home.

Karen Davidsayer is a local back home who wrote this letter to the editor of the local paper complaining that it isn’t conservative enough because it has a few liberal voices every now and again (and hinting at a boycott).  She’s a real winner.  The other day she got into it with my father and [Read More...]

Paul Ryan: poor people just aren’t loved enough, that’s why they’re poor.

Paul Ryan, who famously barged into a soup kitchen to wash already-clean pots and pans for a photo op before skipping out before any actual work could be done (just wanted to be seen helping the poor without actually helping the poor), was just speaking at a Manhattan Institute gathering with Jeb Bush.  In his talk, he hit [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: I missed you!

I want to pat its head. [Read more...]

Judge rules that Utah must recognize same-sex marriages.

How lovely that on a day when I’m doing loads of wedding planning other Americans are getting the right to marry their partners.  :) A federal judge on Monday ruled that Utah must recognize the marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples before the Supreme Court issued a stay on the December ruling that struck down [Read More...]

WWJTD Fantasy LoL draft tonight at 7pm EST!

For everybody who got into the WWJTD fantasy LoL league, we’ll be doing our draft tonight at 7pm!  I’ll be online in the LoL client and will have a chat room running.  See you there!  :) [Read more...]

BREAKING: Oregon joins the marriage equality party!

Sorry for the lack of content today.  I’ll be honest: Michaelyn and I are doing wedding stuff and just enjoying her first real day off in a long time.  She’s a college grad now: no classes on Monday.  :) Hopefully this cheerful news will make up for it: Oregon’s gay marriage ban is no more. [Read More...]

Narrow-minded to the last.

A friend of mine recently posted this image on his facebook: Someone, who shall remain nameless (I haz my reasons, please respect them – suffice that this person is very proud of their arguments in the context of a facebook post, but amazingly less proud when they’re broadcast to the world), came storming in with [Read More...]

WWJTD Fantasy League of Legends…league.

You know how the NFL has fantasy football?  Well Riot has released a page that allows for the creation of fantasy League of Legends leagues (that sounds so redundant).  I finally got in and made one for any WWJTD fans who want to participate. Click here to join.  As of this writing there are six [Read More...]

Talking about mental illness with Kansas City Oasis on Sunday.

On Sunday I’ll be at Kansas City Oasis where I’ll go a little bit of singing, do a little bit of magic, and talk about living with mental illness.  They will also have a musical guest, Bill Morris.  :) The event kicks off at 11:00am at 1800 Baltimore, Kansas City, Missouri.  The facebook for the event [Read More...]

Pastor Becky Riggle: businesses have the right to refuse Jews for religious reasons.

Here’s a Houston preacher trying to convince the city council to enact a turn away the gays bill: Good on the councilwoman for calling her on her bullshit.  The look on her face at the end conveyed what she was thinking, which makes me wish she had vocalized what she was thinking. We don’t need [Read More...]

Idaho has some real winners running for Governor.

These guys make Butch Otter look like Ozzie Osbourne. [Read more...]

Malaysian Prime Minister: Islam being threatened by “human rightism, humanism, and secularism.”

Islamic countries making my job easy, if not wholly depressing, today. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Islam and its followers are now being tested by new threats under the guise of humanism, secularism, liberalism and human rights. He said this mindset appeared to be becoming a new form of religion which was [Read More...]

Iraq considers law that would allow men to marry girls as young as nine years-old.

Speaking of the influence of Islam on lawmaking… Most controversially, the law, proposed by former Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari and passed by the Cabinet, would consider girls adults and thus ready for marriage at 9 years old. “We know that the state of women in Iraq is getting worse, despite the intellectual openness that women [Read More...]