NY Court Says, “Stop Sending Your Unvaccinated Kids to School”

Finally a court has stood up to the anti-vaccination crazies. In New York City, parents will no longer have the right to send their unvaccinated kids to school. According to a Brooklyn Federal District Court judge, in a ruling last week stated that a parent’s constitutional right to freely exercise their religion does not always [Read More...]

In very first law passed by Congress the founding fathers took god out.

I can’t even get through a day without breaking my own self-imposed ban.  But I’ll try to keep it quick.  Ever wonder what was the first law Congress ever passed?  Well, this was it: An Act to regulate the Time and Manner of administering certain Oathswas the first law passed by the Congress assembled after [Read More...]

This Week in Secular Parenting…

Since I’m new to JT’s blog, let me introduce myself very quickly. My name is Daniel Moran. I am the Democratic candidate for Texas House District 63. I won’t discuss that today though, because I have something else I’d like to talk about. For us parents out there with no religious affiliation, whether we call ourselves [Read More...]

Just call me the Grievin’ Heathen

JT has asked us to start out by introducing ourselves, which seems like a reasonable request. I’m Rebecca Hensler. If you have heard of me, it is because I started Grief Beyond Belief, the secular support network for anyone grieving without belief in god(s) or an afterlife. You may even know a little of my [Read More...]

Sneaking back in with wedding prep pictures.

Never thought I’d have to sneak back in among the posts on my own blog… Last night the party began.  Two of my groomsmen, David and Jeremiah, are in town.  We spent the night playing games (Lords of Waterdeep and Sentinels of the Multiverse).  We also made fish bowls with mom and dad. Today we’re [Read More...]

The 3-Year-Old Kicked Out of KFC Was a Hoax

I bet a lot of you saw the heartbreaking story of a little three-year-old girl who was attacked by her grandfather’s dog and suffered serious facial damage was kicked out of a KFC because her facial scars were scaring the customers. KFC quickly apologized and donated $30,000 to the girls family to help pay for [Read More...]

Guest post by Dr. Darrel Ray: sex addiction is a non-existent diagnosis.

Not that long ago, there was a whole cottage industry developed around the psychological treatment and rehabilitation of homosexuals or “reparative therapy.” Professionally trained men and women, using scientific terminology, dedicated themselves to helping homosexuals get over their crippling psychological problems and reintegrate back into society. Most people today scoff at such a concept, and [Read More...]

How to Write for JT’s Blog

We are really excited to be given the chance to write for JT’s blog – and we know many others are too! Since there are many aspiring writers out there, we’ve decided to jump in and give some helpful advice on how to write creative, thoughtful posts worthy of an established blogging platform such as [Read More...]


Hello. My identification is “Jasper”. I am a socially anxious biped, and apparently I’m going to write a couple posts here while JT goes off and does things. For the most part, I wish to remain anonymous, mostly due to fears of future potential employers searching my name, though some effort could probably reveal who [Read More...]

Your Morning Happi… HUSKY DOSE OF AWESOME!

Hey all you JT readers!!! I guess I’ll kick off the guest blogging since it IS technically morning for me here now(Miami), and the actual “wake up go to work” mornings are always a bit hectic for me! I’m a reader/lurker of various blogs dealing with religion and science, and read JT’s blog before he [Read More...]

Pascal’s Wager appeased.

One of my groomsmen, David, went with me today to get haircuts.  I’m getting married as the 10th Doctor and David is going to attend the wedding as the same.  On the way he gave Michaelyn and me our first wedding gift: a rosary he got when visiting Vatican that was personally blessed by the [Read More...]

Pope excommunicates the mafia.

The Pope took a stand: Deviating from prepared remarks at a mass in southern Italy, Pope Francis threw the ultimate brushback pitch at the Calabrese Mafia today, telling the organized crime syndicate they are excommunicated. Because if there’s one thing the leader of the Catholic Church can’t stand it’s an organization that coerces obedience and protection money [Read More...]

Bobby Jindal: people are ready for a hostile takeover of D.C.

In a recent speech Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal favorably referenced people who wish to violently overthrow the government. Jindal spoke at the annual conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group led by longtime Christian activist Ralph Reed. Organizers said more than 1,000 evangelical leaders attended the three-day gathering. Republican officials across the [Read More...]

Rick Santorum: gay marriage is bad for the economy.

In an interview with TownHall, Rick Santorum argued that marriage equality shouldn’t be allowed because it would be bad for the economy. “When we continue to see a decline in marriage and a redefinition of marriage, you get less marriage,” he said. “You get families that aren’t as strong, and as a result, society generally, [Read More...]