Your morning happiness: Community songs.

Here are a couple songs from the show Community that I play some days to keep me in a good mood.  :) [Read more...]

Gov. Otter’s request for a stay on the Idaho gay marriage ruling is rejected – for the best possible reason!

Gov. Otter had preemptively applied for a stay should Idaho’s gay marriage ban be ruled unconstitutional.  Otter said, with a tone of pride usually reserved for members of this “religion of humility” telling others how to comport themselves, that he would appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court!  Well, that request has just [Read More...]

Learn to debate: the power of tie-downs and how they could be used to make a corrupt mayor squirm.

One of my favorite tools in debates is the tie-down.  Here’s the deal: most of the objections you get in debates (especially about god’s existence, etc.) aren’t legit objections, they’re just rationalizations.  For instance, in my debate with Aaron Brummitt (which was over the question “Does God Exist?”) he railed against evolution non-stop.  Now, do [Read More...]

Proposed bill would have lawmakers flying coach.

Here’s this week’s entry on “bills that will never get passed”: A bipartisan group of Congressmen introduced a bill Monday that would stop costly first-class flights by lawmakers at taxpayer expense and force representatives and senators to fly coach. “As representatives of the American people, we in Congress have a responsibility to wisely use the [Read More...]

Ohio teacher at Catholic school refuses to sign contract that requires her to condemn her gay son.

This woman has more compassion than the men at the highest ranks of her church.  I wish she would renounce the Catholic Church, its policies, and their leaders.  Even if she still believes in god, she’s better than the Catholic Church by an incalculable degree. The controversial contract, introduced for all teachers by the Archdiocese [Read More...]

Businesses in Mississippi that deserve your patronage.

I wrote a while back how even before Mississippi passed its turn-away-the-gays bill how many businesses in the state were putting a sticker in their windows to protest.  The stickers read “We don’t discriminate: if you’re buying, we’re selling.” Now the ironically-named American Family Association has put out a list of these businesses saying… This [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: scheming.

See title.  :P [Read more...]

Gay marriage ban in Idaho struck down. Governor Otter might do us another favor.

For a few days, there will be gay marriage in Idaho: A federal judge in Boise has called Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Judge Candy Dale sided with four Idaho couples who had filed a lawsuit against the state and the article of the Idaho Constitution that says the state only recognizes marriage as [Read More...]

Dan Fincke creates class on “God Is Not Dead”, challenges Christians to take it.

Dr. Fincke wrote tremendously popular posts on why the arguments in the film God Is Not Dead (and I call it a “film” in the sense that I call what internet trolls have a “life”), well, aren’t very good.  Building upon that success, he has created online courses in addition to his others (I’m taking [Read More...]

Russia passes anti-blogger law.

They just don’t want bloggers to be anonymous, and they want records of everything they say.  It’s not so there’s unspoken pressure on them to not criticize the government that is becoming more oppressive by the day…why would you ever think that? Widely known as the “bloggers law,” the new Russian measure specifies that any [Read More...]

Louie Gohmert compares LGBT equality advocates to Nazis.

You want to see an entire universe of unhinged rambling?  Here it is, direct from a member of the House of Representatives: We only want marriage for select individuals and people are calling us intolerant!  Waaaaaaaaaaah! So much wrong here.  Gohmert starts by saying he loves gay people, yet he wants them to have fewer [Read More...]

Wyoming is the first state to reject next gen science standards. Why? Global warming.

Wyoming’s state Board of Education just collectively told the world’s scientists, “Sorry, we know the science better than you do.” The Wyoming Board of Education decided recently that the Next Generation Science Standards need more review after questions were raised about the treatment of man-made global warming. Board President Ron Micheli said the review will [Read More...]

Orly Taitz running for CA Attorney General, would prosecute Obama for lack of birth certificate if elected.

If Orly Taitz were in Texas, I’d cry into my pillow every night for fear she’d be elected to some position of power.  But since she’s in California I can just giggle at how flamboyantly ridiculous she is.  Every time she squeals that President Obama isn’t a real American I can chuckle and move on. [Read More...]

Huckabee also calls for impeachment of judge who struck down Arkansas gay marriage ban.

Fucker shouldn’t be allowed to run for garbageman because he doesn’t understand how constitutional protections work: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says lawmakers in his home state should impeach a judge who struck down the state’s gay marriage ban, saying the judge ignored the will of voters. In a blog post on his political action committee website, Huckabee on Sunday criticized [Read More...]