Science vs. Prayer

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Classroom Proselytising: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore

Anne here… Ball State University is a publicly funded institution of higher learning in Muncie, Indiana. A possible violation of the separation of church and state has raised the eyebrows of students in a certain  science class, “The Boundaries of Science,” taught by physics and astronomy professor Eric Hedin.  The course fulfills a science requirement [Read More...]

Streaming dat League of Legends.

Gonna play some LoL.  Join me if you feel so led.  Watch live video from jteberhard on   [Read more...]

Children accused of witchcraft by the tens of thousands in the Congo.

In the Congo, somewhere in the vicinity of 50,000 children are being held in churches because they are believed to be witches. There are around 50,000 children being held in churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo accused of witchcraft, a BBC film team has discovered. Branded a Witch shows Kevani Kanda exploring the secretive [Read More...]

Virginia has a real winner for Lieutenant Governor.

Virginia’s new Lt. Governor is a man named E.W. Jackson.  To give you a taste of what he thinks, here’s this: Jackson, a virtual unknown who has never held public office, has grabbed headlines in recent days as Democrats immediately seized on his past comments on abortion, race and homosexuality. He suggested that Planned Parenthood [Read More...]

Atheist in Arizona congress getting it done for non-believers!

Ok, I’m officially a fan of Juan Mendez, a state rep in Arizona.  He got to do the opening prayer for a legislative session recently and this is what he did. An atheist state lawmaker tasked with delivering the opening prayer for this afternoon’s session of the House of Representatives asked that people not bow [Read More...]

Arizona’s 20-week abortion ban struck down.

Another piece of silly anti-medicine/anti-woman legislation will be a matter of history and nothing more. A federal court in San Francisco Tuesday struck down Arizona’s ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the law violates a string of U.S. Supreme Court rulings starting with Roe [Read More...]

Ben Witherington’s newest effect: Weary

While in Columbus I’ve had the pleasure of befriending a guy name Ben Witherington.  A couple years ago he started dabbling with magic.  In the beginning, I was able to show him a couple trick.  A few years later, he can do moves I could only dream of.  He’s even inventing his own effects, which [Read More...]

Atheist couples duking it out, live! For your entertainment.

Because Michaelyn and I have excellent communication as a couple, the other day she sent me this link and said “Yay!  We’re doing this on Sunday!” Five loving atheist couples, where both partners are atheist activists, will match wits to decide the question once and for all. The couples on the panel include in no [Read More...]

Catholic activist shoots himself in the Notre Dame Cathedral to protest marriage equality.

This is incredibly sad. Accordingtomultiplesources, the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was evacuated today after a far-right Catholic activist went to the altar and shot himself in the mouth. The suicide, which was witnessed by hundreds of tourists, appears to have been a protest against same-sex marriage. The man was Dominique Venner, who [Read More...]

Continuation of the “I respect all spiritual beliefs” thread.

A man, let’s call him Jason (that’s not his real name), came into the “I respect all spiritual beliefs” thread last night and had a thing or two to say.  He started with: Let’s see… As a 5th grader explained to me…so death is the worst thing that can happen to us on earth… But [Read More...]

“I try to respect all spiritual beliefs.”

Gag me.  My mother alerted me to the facebook wall of a friend of hers where a woman by the name of Wendy was saying some peculiar things.  My mother’s friend had said: Riddle me this…a group of people are right in the path of an ACT OF GOD. All of them pray, “please save [Read More...]

Anti-depressing news day post.

Ok, so there’s been a lot to rant about today.  Here are some pictures. This picture captures my relationship with my fiancee every morning.  I’m the cat, she’s the dog. And here’s a regretful lizard. See?  There are still reasons to smile.  Heh. [Read more...]

Pat Robertson: God didn’t send the tornadoes.

When Hurricane Katrina annihilated New Orleans, Pat Robertson knew why it all happened.  It was because of legalized abortion.  Or maybe even because the city was so accommodating to gay people, since on August 6 1998 Robertson threatened the participants of the Orlando, Florida, Gay Pride Festival, stating: “I would warn Orlando that you’re right [Read More...]