13 year-old in Arkansas kicked out of her home by her Christian parents.

My father sent this to me last night: One of the folks in the Ar. Freethinkers group (Anne’s group) posted this. Any help out there you can suggest? “Today, my daughter’s teacher called my daughter into a conference room to help her talk to an 8th grade girl who just came out to her conservative [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dad signed up for Obamacare.

My father’s facebook status from this morning: For the record, just signed up for ACA. My monthly premium is officially $52.50 as opposed to the $1952.00 quarterly premium I had. I went from a bronze plan to a silver plan. Both plans are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas. Took me about 2.5 total hours [Read More...]

Atheist “Untarded” shirts are uncool.

Christina here. Today I became aware that this dude Dusty with a Youtube channel (Called CultOfDusty) focusing mostly on mocking religion (which I can sometimes get behind) sells t-shirts that bear the word UNTARDED on them, where the A in “UNTARDED” is the stylized scarlet letter. Which, I totally can’t get behind. Apparently several people [Read More...]

Nope… still don’t get this Tree of Knowledge thing

Christina here… On the way home from Skepticon, my husband and I decided to flagellate ourselves in the ears by listening to religious radio programming on the drive home. This is one of our hobbies. Preacher-man on the radio recounted the Tree of Knowledge story in Genesis and used it as a lesson on how [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus: voucher edition.

There’s a huge argument between “intelligent design” advocates and pro-evolution folk.  The evolution people say ID is creationism while the ID people say it isn’t.  Then, when the evidence comes in, it turns out the Christians, despite the 9th commandment, were lying their asses off. This is how the voucher program has worked.  Christian law-makers [Read More...]

Doing the will of god.

Here is an interview with serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, the last before he is executed. Christians trying to defend their faith will exclaim that Franklin was not doing the will of god – as if god had never commanded people to kill members of another race or tribe.  Well it’s true, Franklin was not [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: napping partners.

Click here for the story of a family who adopted a puppy who, on his third day in the house, laid down to nap with their toddler.  Now they nap together every day.  Tons of pics.  [Read more...]

“They say my glass eye is a ‘slap in the face to God’”

**Update** Some weird things are going on here. First, I received a message from “Emily Monroe” asking me to take down this article, stating that bullying had increased at her school because of it. I didn’t think that taking down this article would stop the bullies, but I did anyway at her request. Then, I [Read More...]

Guy who posed at soup kitchen, but didn’t actually volunteer, urges voters to be more skeptical.

Paul Ryan, who famously barged into a soup kitchen to wash already-clean pots and pans for a photo op before skipping out before any actual work could be done, is urging voters to be more skeptical in the next presidential election: Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan doubts Iowans would have rehired Democrat Barack Obama [Read More...]

GOP can’t believe someone might lie about the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican party, which told every lie imaginable in their quest to defeat the Affordable Care Act, have seized upon their strategy for the upcoming election cycle: Obama, they say, told a single lie about the Act. In his West Virginia district, the TV ads attacking Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall over the calamitous startup of [Read More...]

French hostage really does escape thanks to prayer.

Francis Collump, a man taken hostage in Nigeria, recently escaped his captors – truly, and legitimately, because of prayer: FRANCE 24’s correspondent in Nigeria, Aminu Abubacar, reported that there were no military operation involved and that Collomp managed to escape entirely on his own. “According to the police commissioner, he escaped yesterday. The commissioner told [Read More...]

Catholic bishop to exorcise gay demons in Illinois.

After the political process (read: playing fair) failed to stop marriage equality in Illinois, a Catholic bishop has a new idea: exorcism. The Catholic bishop of Springfield, Illinois, Thomas Paprocki, announced that he would lead a prayer service next week to exorcise the gay-loving demons there that helped bring same-sex marriage to Illinois. Because the [Read More...]


First story I read today: a cardiologist at Mercy Regional Hospital in Colorado, a Catholic-run hospital, was reprimanded for discussing abortion with a woman whose pregnancy may have endangered her life.  Dr. Michael Demos was dealing with a patient who showed signs of Marfan syndrome, a condition that can often become deadly when a woman [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: walking on ice for the first time.

I’m back after a wonderful Skepticon!  My talk went well, though I thought it drug just a bit.  But it’s a keeper that I’ll be giving again for sure.  That was my last speaking gig for the year, so from here on out it’s just blogs, blogs, blogs.  Thanks for being so patient with me [Read More...]