The rest of my thoughts on Andrea Yates.

In talks I have often cited Andrea Yates, one of many women to have killed her children because god supposedly told her to do so.  I’ve done this to draw a parallel: Christians think Abraham was noble for obeying the voices he heard commanding him to commit filicide, but they think Andrea Yates was insane. [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: a cat’s guide to loving humans.

A reader sent this one in and it made me smile, which is pretty much the only litmus test for being suitable content for morning happiness.  :) [Read more...]

Comics on Hobby Lobby and being a good person.

*sigh*  It’s looking like the SCOTUS will rule in favor of Hobby Lobby, allowing them to be exempted from laws that bind everybody else because of their religion.  That makes this comic that Keith Lowell Jensen tweeted pretty apropos: What other laws can you get out of because of religious convictions?  If you don’t believe [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: must be demons or rape.

The day couldn’t go well forever.  Here’s a clip of Pat Robertson saying “You can’t know what’s going on in people’s heads” right after he suspects a woman’s aversion to Christianity may be due to childhood rape or demonic possession: Because it’s common knowledge that a person can’t be unconvinced a person rose from the [Read More...]

Bill Donohue won’t march in Pride Parade because of “gay training sessions”…which don’t exist.

Much like American Atheists president David Silverman going into a field of opposing thought by attending CPAC, the Catholic League’s very own Bill Donohue applied to march in this year’s LGBT Pride Parade in New York City.  Donohue was accepted, but said he would not march because of mandatory “gay training sessions”.  Donohue said on [Read More...]

Florida scraps plans to expand voucher program.

Man, you get a full night’s rest (and then some) and the world just gets brighter and full of joy.  Suddenly there are puppies sleeping with babies, creationists put out over not getting to include their pitch in a science program, and now the Florida state government scrapping a bill to expand their voucher program. [Read More...]

Creationists feel wronged since they weren’t included in a show about science.

Some of the peeps at Answers in Genesis are upset.  After being unwilling to challenge the conclusions of science through the avenue of peer review, they feel persecuted because their views are not being included in a show about the conclusions confirmed through the avenue of peer review.  This is a bit like thinking you’re [Read More...]

Morning happiness 2: Stephen Fry on how to be happy.

I’m so elated to be rested that you’re getting a second morning happiness.  Here’s a short animated clip narrated by Stephen Fry on meaning and purpose without god: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: sleep!

The last week I’ve had real trouble sleeping.  A few nights I was wide awake literally all night for no reason at all.  It’s made me into a bit of a zombie the last week.  But last night…last night I slept.  I slept so much.  I just want to keep sleeping.  Anyway, today I feel [Read More...]

Massachusetts state senator files bill: no sex until your divorce is final.

The GOP is concerned: America is going to hell in a hand basket.  You heard them during the last election cycle: they’re going to focus on jobs and the economy. That’s why Richard J. Ross, a Wrentham Republican, filed by request Bill 787 which would prohibit adults in the process of divorce from having a dating/sexual relationship until [Read More...]

NYT editorial board calls BS on Hobby Lobby (and asks the SCOTUS to follow suit).

A few paragraphs from the New York Times editorial board’s recent article popped out at me.  This Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear arguments from Hobby Lobby about how Hobby Lobby should be granted exemptions from laws that bind every other business because they’re special of their religion. The first is about the argument that [Read More...]

Customs intercepts condoms filled with liquid cocaine…on their way to the Vatican.

I can’t make this shit up. The Catholic Church has been very clear: using condoms is a sin.  Perhaps the solution is to find some use for condoms other than sex? German customs have intercepted 12 ounces of liquid cocaine with a street value of some 40,000 euros bound for the Holy See’s city state. [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: mah bowl.

Now that I’ve got all that annoying food out of the bowl… [Read more...]

Turkish politician promises to eradicate twitter.

We all know that politicians make promises on the campaign trail that they either will not or cannot keep, but this one from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan takes the cake. “We will eradicate Twitter,” Erdoğan told a rally in Bursa in the west of the country. “I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness [Read More...]