Godless Gaming Alliance: get your Planetside 2 on tonight!

Hey guys.  Some readers of the blog have recently convinced me to download Planetside 2.  It’s a free-to-play game which functions as a sort of first-person MMORPG.  You’re essentially part of a futuristic army fighting for territory.  I played a bit the other night and, despite having some issues getting used to the game, it’s [Read More...]

Idaho bill would allow doctors, cops, etc. to refuse service to gay people.

Other states are reiterating, legally, that you can’t discriminate in America.  For followers of the supposedly most loving religion in Idaho, this is just not good news.  Something must be done, and Republican Lynn Luker is just the person to do it. Rep. Lynn Luker outlined a proposal Tuesday backed by his conservative Christian allies [Read More...]

Todd Starnes’ newest lie: humanists want to stop aid to starving children.

Todd Starnes is a reporter for Fox News who repeatedly lies to make Christians seem persecuted.  His deceptions are so egregious that even Christian bloggers here at Patheos have ripped him over it.  His most recent outright lie comes from his article “American Humanist Association demands students stop feeding starving kids.”  The very first line [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: spy cat.

He’s been behind enemy lines for a while now carrying out his mission. [Read more...]

Judge rules Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

The tide of equality continues to rise! Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, according to a ruling Wednesday by a federal judge, who struck down part of the state ban that he wrote treated “gay and lesbian persons differently in a way that demeans them.” In 23-page a ruling issued Wednesday, U.S. [Read More...]

Bill that would allow Kansas businesses to discriminate against gay couples passes the House.

Remember that bill in Kansas that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay couples as long as they did it for religious reasons?  It passed the House. The House’s 72-49 vote Wednesday sends the measure to the Senate. Supporters describe it as a religious freedom measure. Opponents contend it will encourage discrimination against gays and [Read More...]

Another case of prayer saving the day (conveniently in the company of doctors and technology, of course).

On September 12th of last year, most Americans weren’t in church.  God didn’t send a bat infected with rabies to bite any of those people.  However, on that day 15 year-old Jenna Giese, who was in church with her family praising god, was bitten by a rabies-infected bat while omnipresent god supposedly watched on.  God [Read More...]

Republican report concludes Benghazi outcome could not have been changed.

For well over a year the GOP has been shouting Benghazi at every opportunity in an attempt to sling mud at President Obama.  While there is plenty of legitimate mud to be slung, a Republican report has confirmed that this isn’t that type of mud: In a new report released on Tuesday, the House Armed [Read More...]

Elementary school refuses to remove cross.

Apparently Kansas has been reading of all the irresponsible behavior by believers in power in Arkansas, Missouri, and Alabama lately and decided they want a piece of the pie.  Here’s an elementary school in Spearville, Kansas, Kansas being a state that has already cut massively from education funding the last few years under GOP governor [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: panda wants his ball.

This panda cub is not ready to relinquish his ball. And here’s a bonus: a dawg smiling for the camera! [Read more...]

Matt Dillahunty annihilates grandstanding wanna be Christian debater.

Sye Ten Bruggencate is one of Eric Hovind’s flunkies who has been trolling Matt Dillahunty wanting a debate.  Sye essentially has leeched onto the presuppositionist argument and keeps repeating it over and over again and thinks this makes him a star (apparently Eric Hovind thinks the same, but that’s a reeeeeeeally low bar). Matt Dillahunty [Read More...]

Man who ran the virtual deaf church comes out as atheist.

Justin Vollmar has been running a very successful online church for the deaf.  Recently, in this youtube video, he renounced his faith to his followers. Signed Vollmar: Vollmar explained his decision in a blunt and blasphemous YouTube video Friday during which he renounced Christian teachings of the existence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the Son [Read More...]

The things that Christian Mingle finds offensive…

Rich Wisken made the best Christian Mingle profile of all time: Hi ladies (definitely not men) My name’s Rich, and I’m just a typical old school Christian dude. By old school, I mean Old Testament. Give me the wrath of God over the grace of God any day. Soft New Testament rubbish? Ain’t nobody got [Read More...]

Did priest drown performing ritual in raging waters, or was he abducted by mermaids?

That’s the question, isn’t it?  His family and congregation think they have the answer: The prophet, Simbarashe Kamupondera, 31, of Nyeredzi Nhatu apostolic sect, met his fate around midday as he was attending to a congregant at the Ruwa River banks when he was swept away by a strong current. However, the family believes Simbarashe [Read More...]