Where I’ll be in October.

I’ll be hopping around the country in October.  If you’re nearby any one of these locations, come out and say ohai. Oct. 10 – The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN Oct. 15 – The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL Oct. 20 – Charleston, SC in Gage Hall at 4 Archdale St.  I’ll be talking about [Read More...]

David Fitzgerald and I going on a Christian radio show tonight.

Tonight you can catch myself and David Fitzgerald (author of Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All) on AM 980 KKMS Christian talk radio for a debate about the existence of God, etc.  The presence of Dave means I could pretty much play League of Legends the entire show while he does all [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: just chillin’.

Behold, pretty much how I think I look when blogging. [Read more...]

Punched that kid. lol, love Jesus.

Posted without further comment.  There isn’t any need. [Read more...]

Has Christianity done more for science than atheism ever could?

I got sent this article, which is apparently being heralded as a “checkmate atheists” moment.  It’s so full of wrong I need to go through it line by line. Our governor here in Kentucky has decided to implement the new Common Core “Next Generation” science standards. Progressives are celebrating this move for a few reasons [Read More...]

Peter Payne debate: do ethics need a foundation in god?

Here’s my debate with Dr. Peter Payne at UC Santa Cruz.  Leave questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them over the next week. Huh…I just finished watching the video, which was posted by the Institute for Credible Christianity (a group for which Peter Payne is the managing director).  At around the 56:00 [Read More...]

Ken Ham thinks he has atheist church all figured out.

Ken Ham sees that atheists are starting up godless churches and he just doesn’t get it. So why would atheists do such a thing? If there’s no God, what’s the point? If when you die that’s the end of you and you won’t ever know you even existed, then why bother with starting a church? [Read More...]

Jesus used twitter before twitter was around.

It’s no secret that the Vatican, an organization governed by a clutch of old dudes, is applying the full battery of their intellect toward the problem of the church bleeding out young people.  I can just see them sitting around and saying “What about twitter?  Kids these days are into twitter.  Let’s tell them that [Read More...]

Shamed, ostracized, and controlled by her Mormon parents – but still proud to be an atheist.

I’ve always admired heroes in movies who, when given the choice to comply with a lie or something immoral or face the consequences, chooses the consequences.  I’m now 32 and I attempt to live my life in a incorruptible a way as possible.  When I was in high school?  Forget about it.  I became a [Read More...]

I have an article on richarddawkins.net.

Look, I’m not bragging*, but the RDF just published an article of mine titled “They weren’t lacking in faith, they were lacking in kindness”.  Have you guys seen that story about the pastor who dressed up like a homeless guy?  Yeah, probably not true at all.  But even if it were true, I don’t see [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: You betrayed the LAAWWWWWW!

If this clip from Judge Dredd doesn’t help get you through all the depressing news today, then you need more help than I can offer. I wonder if I can tweet this clip at every single person who asks why the prayer mural in Cranston was so offensive… …I’m so doing it. [Read more...]

William Lane Craig tries to play science with Lawrence Krauss.

…and Krauss metaphorically backhands him into the Stone Age.  Pro tip: if you’re going to misrepresent physics and quote-mine physicists, maybe don’t do it in a public debate with the guy that many consider to be the world’s greatest living physicist. I’ve listened through this twice today while reading the news and writing.  Pure gold.  [Read More...]

Turns out most Americans don’t like it when you hold the nation hostage for political gain.

Ted Cruz and some other Republicans are threatening to shut down the government if the Senate and the President do not defund the Affordable Care Act.  Many Republicans oppose Cruz (including Mitch McConnell) and every Democrat think he’s out of his mind.  It turns out that most Americans think the same: With a potential government [Read More...]

Senate unanimously confirms the first openly gay federal appeals court judge.

Oh hell to the yes. After a Senate vote of 98-0, Todd Hughes will become the first openly gay man to serve on a U.S. federal appeals court — the last level of appeal short of the U.S. Supreme Court. As the Washington Blade reports, the landmark vote took place with little fanfare Tuesday morning, [Read More...]