General Mills gets on board with Pride Month.

General Mills is announcing their awareness of how real family values operate: And with President Obama’s recent declaration to officially sanction June as “Pride month” in the United States, more companies than ever before are expected to jump on the big gay bandwagon this year. One of the first to the party is cereal powerhouse [Read More...]

I’m a secular star on the new Richard Dawkins website!

The new RDF website launched today.  If you go under the community tab and select “Secular Stars” there I am along with a bunch of people who are way cooler than I: If flattery were currency I’d go ahead and retire.  Sam Harris is the reason I’m an activist atheist.  Jaclyn Glenn is as witty [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: disdainful fairy meme.

Michaelyn and I recently attended the wedding of our friend Andy and Senta who encouraged attendees to wear costumes (for all you new people coming in from, Michaelyn is my fiancee).  Michaelyn obliged, dressing as a fairy.  Now the pics of the wedding are going up on facebook.  They included this gem: People immediately [Read More...]

Guess how many times the Florida AG defending the gay marriage ban on the grounds of familial stability has been divorced.

Florida is yet another state where a lawsuit is on the table challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Not surprisingly, Florida’s Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi supports the ban.  She does so on the grounds that letting gay people marry would somehow harm the stability of straight marriages: Arguing against a lawsuit that says [Read More...]

County official denies atheist couple the right to marry because they are atheists.

There are two reasons to be hyper pissed off about this story.  The first is at Bud Roth, the Franklin County official who refuses to marry anybody who doesn’t share his religious beliefs. The first official they called, Bud Roth, said he would not perform the ceremony at the courthouse, although he didn’t specify why, [Read More...]

Natural News…another group co-opting the Elliot Rodger tragedy for their cause.

The loathsome website Natural News has put out an article saying it wasn’t psychological problems that cause Elliot Rodger to go on a mass murdering spree, but rather the anti-psychotics he was taking: Time after time, mass murderers are found to have been taking psychiatric drugs Elliot Rodger now joins a long and ever-expanding list [Read More...]

Georgia’s law saying poor must be drug-tested to receive food stamps gets overridden.

Ok, we’re back and better than ever. In Georgia the legislature passed a law requiring people receiving food stamps to take drug tests, because if they’ve made poor life decisions…let ‘em starve.   Thankfully, the federal government has stepped in to stop the measure: The federal government has put the state of Georgia on formal [Read More...]

Look for content this evening…

So because mom and dad live in the boonies of Arkansas, technology isn’t exactly what it is in the ultra modern states like…Kansas.  *sigh* We’re getting hit by a crazy-ass thunderstorm that has slowed the internet down to hyper slow or completely unconnected (I’m using my phone to post this update).  This means I can’t [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: babeh goats.

Just finished up my article for the upcoming American Atheist Magazine, now I’m on to reading about all the things that are fucked up in the world.  Better take a video of baby goats along. [Read more...]

NOM asks Supreme Court to block gay marriages in Oregon…Supreme Courts says NO!

Oh fuck the hell yes! The Supreme Court, in a one-sentence order without explanation, refused on Wednesday afternoon to stop same-sex marriages in Oregon.   The denial was by the full Court, after Justice Anthony M. Kennedy had submitted the plea to it. The request had come from a private group that is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, [Read More...]

My dad is in an online debate with Arkansas state sen. Jason Rapert right now…and making him look like a fool.

Ok, quick back story before we get to the good stuff. (If you already know about Jason Rapert and his opposition to marriage equality, or if you just want to read about my dad intellectually beating his ass to his face, you can skip down to the cut point…you’ll see it) Last month a judge [Read More...]

Anti-drug-induced abortion bill in Arizona blocked by federal court.

It’s a victory for Planned Parenthood (and for women everywhere): Arizona’s law limiting drug-induced abortions was blocked by a federal appeals court, handing a victory to Planned Parenthood as it seeks to roll back a restriction it calls among the most stringent in the nation. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco today ruled [Read More...]

Sorting out the Bowe Bergdahl and prisoner-trading mess.

So the big story right now is that the US has swapped five prisoners loyal to the ousted Taliban in Afghanistan for the return of one of our own POWs, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Sadly, we live in a world where political interest mangles every story, making it hard for those of us who just want [Read More...]

A good project for humanity and atheism.

I’ve met “Paul” at a couple atheist conventions.  While on the road I’ve made a great many friends, but because I meet so many people it’s hard for any of them to fall into the category of “people I talk to when we’re not at conventions.”  But when Michaelyn and I met Paul and his [Read More...]