Tea Party wants David Barton to run for Senate.

The Tea Party in Texas has found their new political hero: sham historian David Barton.  I’ll bet they even get him a training montage and everything. Texas tea party activists eager to send another firebrand in the mold of Ted Cruz to the Senate have launched a movement to draft evangelical historian David Barton to [Read More...]

Candidate for governor of Maine comes out of the closet in response to whisper campaigns – and owns it.

Mike Michaud is running for governor of Maine as a Democrat.  Whisper campaigns have been organized to imply that Michaud is gay which, to some Americans, still matters more than his competence.  So Michaud has published an op-ed announcing that yes, he is gay – and that it doesn’t matter a lick! Once I jumped [Read More...]

Sam Harris responds to Islamic “peace” conference.

A few days ago I posted a video from an Islamic “peace” conference where a room full of people affirmed support for positively inhuman moral edicts on account of their faith.  The speaker was offended, calling it racism, that people would suggest that these people represented only the minority of Muslims.  Sam Harris’ response is [Read More...]

Bill Donahue insults David Silverman’s intelligence, then says a bunch of stupid things.

Bill Donahue is an asshole.  Here’s video proof: And here we go.  Donahue says… “Intelligent people, what we do…” Bear in mind, the slight on Silverman’s intelligence is coming from a guy who believes a willingness to burn a person for all of eternity because they were unconvinced a guy rose from the dead amounts [Read More...]

Richard Jeffress speaks loudly on CNN.

Amanda Knief, superstar spokesperson for American Atheists, went on CNN yesterday to talk about the prayer case from Greece, NY that’s going to the Supreme Court.  For those of you not following that case, here’s a quick rundown: The case being argued at the court Wednesday involves prayers said at the start of town council [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: eyes seu big.

I’m back.  I don’t know what was wrong with me (I was up 52 hours with a 1 hour nap even though I was exhausted from weeks of travel and speaking…the being awake was not at all by choice).  I finally got some sleep and then felt even more exhausted when I woke up.  But [Read More...]

Taking today off.

Hey gang.  I got in late last night from my talk in Hastings, NE.  I drove 10 hours and, though exhausted, didn’t sleep at all last night (25 hours and counting…). I think it’s just all the traveling I’ve been doing lately.  Ever been so exhausted you couldn’t sleep?  It’s weird. Anyway, I’m going to [Read More...]

Feminism panel thread.

Ok, the panel will be embedded here.  The panel starts at 10pm EST. As for my zombie survival talk in Nebraska tomorrow, head to Central Community College in Hastings.  My talk is in the Hall Building, which is their Student Union.  I’ll be in the big room just outside the snack bar.  Be ready to survive. [Read More...]

Appearances tonight and tomorrow.

No morning happiness this morning for a few reasons: 1.  I’m going to be doing a hangout tonight hosted by David Viviano about feminism and atheism.  I’m one of the male feminists they invited (oh, I know that will just tweak some people :P).  It’ll be at 10pm EST and I’ll make a post with [Read More...]

Think Islam isn’t a problem? What say you about this whole female genital mutilation thing?

Look, every time I make a post about a group of Muslims who read about their violent, sexist, or otherwise wicked acts being justified in the Koran, then had that reinforced by culture their entire lives, people always rush in to say that these are extremists (and presumably so are the cultures that reinforced them) [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: Obama responsible for motivating murderer.

Glenn Beck took to the airwaves yesterday to argue that if you, like virtually all economists, are concerned about the greatest wealth disparity in the history of the United States (what we have going right now) and you vocalize it, then you’re responsible for inciting class warfare and even murder. As Right Wing Watch noted, [Read More...]

Rand Paul plagiarizes part of speech…from Wikipedia.

…in order to argue that people who are pro-choice are also pro-eugenics.  Rachel Maddow nails him for it. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: another cuteness dump and farewell to Lou Reed.

Sorry for the late start.  I slept in.  I regret nothing.  Here’s a great way to start the day. Also, Lou Reed has died.  He was a spectacular musician and, from all accounts, a generous and spectacular person.  Here are my favorite song by him: “Perfect Day”. [Read more...]

Thoughts on the soup kitchen that denied atheist volunteers.

First, Hemant wrote a great piece on this.  But now it’s my turn. I saw this story while I was on the road and was so pissed I couldn’t immediately write about it.  Mostly I was just so pissed.  The Upstate Atheists in Spartanburg, SC wanted to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.  Sadly, the [Read More...]